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What are General Recumbent Bicycle Dimensions?

Last Updated on December 2, 2022 by Jeff

When people are trying to decide whether or not to purchase a recumbent stationary bike for home use, the main reason for hesitation is the fear that their home may not have the space to accommodate recumbent bicycle dimensions. 

Recumbent bikes are available in many designs and sizes, and you are guaranteed to find a model that will fit into your home, no matter how limited the available space is.

If you are struggling with understanding how to position a recumbent bike, read on to discover the facts about this topic so that you can confidently include this amazing piece of exercise equipment in your home fitness routine. 

recumbent bicycle dimensions

Our Guide to Understanding Recumbent Bike Dimensions

How Large is a Recumbent Exercise Bike?

The first thing to consider is that different recumbent bike models come in different sizes. Their dimensions will not all be the same. But there are some average guidelines for recumbent bike dimensions.

Recumbent bikes designed for home use can be anywhere from 46” to 67” long, and range from 17.5” to 30” wide. 

The average dimensions of a recumbent exercise bike are approximately 57.6” in length x 24.9” in width x 44.6” in height.

Commercial-grade bikes are designed for heavy-duty use in commercial gyms and are usually much larger and heavier than these measurements.

The height of a recumbent exercise bike is measured from the floor to the top of the digital console, and depending on the model this measurement can vary considerably. This is due to the size of the display and extra features such as media holders.

How Much Does a Recumbent Exercise Bike Weigh?

how to size a recumbent bicycle

Lightweight foldable recumbent bikes are available that weigh as little as 47 lbs, such as the Xspec Dual Recumbent/Upright Indoor Cycling Foldable Exercise Bike. Despite being so lightweight, it can be used as either an upright or recumbent stationary bike.

But heavier recumbent models are weighing up to 150 pounds. Recumbent/Elliptical/Stepper combos can also weigh more than ordinary bikes. 

Commercial machines are built to be robust and long-lasting and may have many extra features. Because of this, they tend to be much heavier than exercise bikes meant for home use.

The average weight of a basic recumbent exercise bike designed for home use is approximately 81.5 lbs.

How Much Space Do I Need for a Recumbent Stationary Bike?

Except for a few models, most recumbent bikes are no more than 60” in length. But when it comes to the space you need for your machine, it is not only the width of the bike itself you need to consider.

To be comfortable when using a recumbent bike, you need to have enough space not only for the machine itself but also for maneuvering around it. You’ll require approximately 3 feet wide available floor space.

You need to be able to access the bike from the side, and there should be enough space around it to allow you to work out on your bike, without injuring yourself or damaging your bike on anything nearby.

Place your bike in a position that allows enough space to walk around it and climb onto the seat, as well as room to freely move your arms. If you cannot move your arms out to the sides, you will not feel comfortable while working out, and you will not feel as motivated to use your bike. 

Not much space is needed in front of or behind your bike, but do take care that it is not pushed up against a wall because this may also cause damage to the wall and your bike. 

Ensure that nothing nearby will get in the way of the pedals while you are working out, as this could cause injury to yourself and damage to the pedals.

Does a Semi-Recumbent Need Less Space than a Full Recumbent Bike?

A semi-recumbent stationary bike is where a conventional upright exercise bike and fully recumbent exercise bike meet. It enables the user to access the bike more easily than a fully recumbent bike.

Conventional recumbent stationary bikes take up more floor space because users’ feet are out in front instead of below them, and so these bikes are designed to accommodate the length of users’ legs.

The angle of the semi-recumbent bike requires less length for the legs, due to the user being seated in a slightly more upright position.

Do I Need More Space For My Arms with A Dual-Action Bike? 

Certain models of recumbent and semi-recumbent exercise bikes are known as “dual-action”, as they provide an upper body workout in addition to the usual benefits of recumbent cycling. 

This is achieved in one of the two following ways: Resistance bands or a secondary set of handlebars that move/rotate. Ensure that you have enough space around you to allow for this movement.

What About Hybrids Such as Elliptical/Stepper/Recumbent Bikes?

If the recumbent machine that you are thinking of buying is a hybrid such as a recumbent elliptical/stepper combo or cross trainer, it may be slightly wider than a regular recumbent bike. 

Recumbent combos such as these give you a total body workout, with your arms and legs swinging to and fro as if walking or running. 

What is the Maximum Weight that a Recumbent Stationary Bike Can Support? 

Most recumbent bikes designed for home use can support a user’s weight of up to 300 lbs.

There are exceptions, and a good example of this is the Exerpeutic Gold 525xlr folding recumbent exercise bike. It has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs, which is more than most recumbent models. 

The weight limit of your specific model will be listed in the owners’ manual that accompanies your bike.

Some recumbent bike models can withstand a user weight of over 400 lbs, but these are generally intended for commercial use.

Do I Need to Take My Height into Account When Buying a Recumbent Exercise Bike?

recumbent bike dimensions

Exercise equipment is designed for users of average height and weight. However, certain recumbent bike models are suitable for a wider range of measurements. 

Check the specs of the bike online, and read a few reviews of the particular model you’re interested in, to find out if it will accommodate your height. 

Unless you are particularly tall or extremely petite, you’ll manage with most models by simply adjusting the seat to suit your leg length.

For example, the HCI Rxt Recumbent/Elliptical Bike, which is adjustable for users between 4’10” and 6’3” tall.

What Am I Able to Adjust On My Bike?


All recumbent exercise bike seats can be adjusted by sliding the seat backward or forwards along a metal rail into the necessary position, to accommodate the length of your legs. 

On some recumbent models, a vertical seat adjustment is possible too, such as with upright exercise bikes.


A few recumbent bike models have adjustable handlebars too, but this is only necessary if you are very much taller or shorter than the average person.

recumbent bike dimensions

What if I Want to Store My Recumbent Bike?

There may be times when you wish to store your bike, such as when guests are coming over to your home. Or perhaps you just don’t want it to take up your limited space when not in use.

When in storage, you need only enough space to accommodate the bike’s footprint. The footprint refers to the physical space equipment requires when it is placed in a position for use.

There are also foldable options. Several recumbent bike models are available that are lightweight, foldable, and have transportation wheels fitted to the base. Some of these can fold down to less than half their footprint. 

The perfect solution to the problem of fitting a recumbent stationary bike in your home.

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