Recumbent Bikes for Glutes

Last Updated on October 29, 2021 by Jeff

Recumbent bicycles are comfortable, versatile, and great for working your glutes. They will make your booty feel the burn as you pedal.

We will give you 3 helpful tips for getting the most out of your glutes during a recumbent bike workout, and why you should use a recumbent bike.

How do recumbent bikes work your butt?

The main muscles that make up your buttocks are your gluteus muscles, or glutes. Can recumbent bikes work your glutes for a firmer behind? Yes!

Every time you push down on your pedals and extend your legs, you are engaging your glutes. 

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Benefits of Using a Recumbent Bike for Your Glutes

There are many health benefits to use a recumbent bike. Here are some advantages of using one yourself.


Recumbent bikes have comfy reclining seats, alleviating strain on your buttocks, wrists, back, and neck. 

This significantly reduces the risk of injury and makes it safe to use for those recovering from injuries. Recumbent exercise bikes are good for Sciatica and great for older people. 

Recumbent bikes allow you to exercise with very little discomfort and strain. Feel free to push your session to the next level, especially to work your glutes. 

Good Exercise

Lower body workout

Recumbent Bikes Glutes

Pedaling a recumbent bike is a great resistance workout for your lower body.

A multitude of muscles are worked by a recumbent bike, including your legs and abdomen.

Whether a recumbent bike benefits your abs depends on the intensity of your workout. Due to the reclined seats, your core is not entirely engaged in keeping you upright.

Your legs will feel the burn in your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. Recumbent bikes are effective for slimming and toning your legs.

Of course, this resistance workout will work your glutes. The first step to a firm and toned booty is to build muscle strength in your glutes. 


Pedaling a recumbent exercise bike is cardio. This will get your heart rate up and provide various health benefits to your circulatory and respiratory systems.

Cardio is also a great way of melting away fat, setting you on the course to toned glutes. 

Weight loss

You can lose weight on a recumbent bike, but that depends on how many calories you burn. You can burn up to 230 calories in 30 minutes when pedaling at moderate intensity. 

Building strength is not the only important thing for a firm behind. If you want to reveal your toned glutes to the world, it is important to burn some calories to shed fat. 

Evidently, recumbent bikes have many benefits that make them worthwhile. They simultaneously offer an efficient lower body resistance workout and cardio session. Recumbent bikes are also great for burning calories and melting away fat. 

If you want firm and strong glutes, you can achieve it comfortably, efficiently, and with minimum strain on a recumbent bike. 

Tips for Working Your Glutes

There are a few tips to keep in mind to get the best out of your glutes during a recumbent bike workout.

Seating Position 

One way to maximize the burn in your booty is to make sure you are correctly positioned in your seat. Your seat should be set to hip-level. The key is to tilt your body forward. An upright position mostly targets quads and calves.

Leaning forward will target your glutes. Just be sure not to lean forward too much, as this can strain your neck and shoulders.

Foot Placement

Your hamstrings, quads, and glutes work together when you pedal. Improper foot placement on your pedals can prevent you from properly engaging your glutes.

Keep the soles of your feet parallel to the floor as they move up and down to pedal. To engage your glutes, push into the pedal with your heels, instead of the balls of your feet.


The resistance level at which you pedal is also crucial to work your glutes. Indoor bikes usually have resistance-level settings. The higher the level of resistance, the better for your booty.

If you ride an outdoor bike, you might want to pedal on different terrains to take your workout to the next level. 

Alternating between high resistance and low resistance for equal periods will maximize your workout. You may want to pedal with light resistance for 2 minutes, followed by high resistance for 2 minutes.