Why Use a Recumbent Bicycle?

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Recumbent bikes are an excellent way to comfortably get in shape. 

We are here to tell you whether recumbent bicycles provide good exercise and the reasons why you should have one. 

We will cover the advantages of recumbent exercise bikes, such as comfort, safety, and recreational value. 

Find out more about what muscles are used on a recumbent bike, and the health benefits of exercising on a recumbent bike. You will also get the down-low on whether a recumbent bike can help you lose weight, and how many calories you will burn

What is a recumbent bicycle?

Recumbent bicycles have backrests that allow users to cycle in a reclined position. Unlike a regular bicycle, it allows you to pedal with your legs in front of your body, instead of below you. It can be ridden outdoors or stationary, in the comfort of your home.

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Reasons to Use a Recumbent Bike

Good Exercise


Why use a recumbent bicycle


They are a great way to lean back and work up a sweat. It will get your blood pumping, making recumbent bicycles good for cardio. Some health benefits of cardiovascular exercise include improved lung capacity, a strengthened heart, and reduced blood pressure.

Lower body workout

Pedaling a recumbent bike also provides a lower-body resistance workout that will make you feel the burn. This workout can build muscle strength, power, and improve your functional abilities. Recumbent exercise bikes will tone your legs

Leg muscles 

Exactly which muscles do recumbent bikes work? Recumbent bikes target a myriad of muscles in your legs – glutes, thighs, hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, hip muscles, and tibialis anterior muscles. 

Even in a reclined position, a recumbent bike will work your glutes. Your thighs and calves will also feel the burn.

If you want toned and lean legs, you should increase the resistance on your bike and opt for moderately intense sessions.

Core/Abdominal muscles

You may be wondering whether a recumbent bike will benefit your abs. Unfortunately, your abdominal muscles aren’t as engaged on a recumbent bike. With the back support of a reclining seat, you do not need your abs or core to sit up straight.

To engage your core, adjust the angle of your legs by moving your seat closer to the pedals. You will also feel your abs working harder to support and balance your upper body when you increase the intensity of your workout.

Health Benefits 

Exercise is the key to unlocking multiple health benefits. Apart from the physical advantages of exercise, it can also reduce stress and boost your mood.

Weight loss with a recumbent bicycle  

are recumbent bikes worth it

For successful weight loss on a recumbent bike, consistency and effort are key. You would need to pedal at least three times a week for the best results. 

Experts suggest pedaling for 150 minutes each week. This means that you can cycle for half an hour, five times per week. 

Up the intensity of your session by increasing the speed or resistance on your bike. More intense workouts are bound to burn more calories and deliver better results. 

Burning calories on a recumbent bike 

Your fitness level, gender, and age will influence the number of calories burned on a recumbent bike. All bodies are different. 

A 150-pound person can burn up to 7 calories per minute by pedaling. Pedaling at moderate intensity may burn up to 230 calories in 30 minutes. 

Good for sciatica

Sciatica is caused by pressure or injury to the Sciatic nerve. This causes pain to run from the lower back, down through the legs. Sciatica makes it difficult to sit for prolonged periods without pain and discomfort. 

Fortunately, recumbent bikes are good for Sciatica. The reclined seats of recumbent bicycles can relieve pressure and decrease discomfort. It is a safe way of easing into exercise with Sciatica, or when recovering from an injury. 


The large reclining seats offer back support, which alleviates strain on your joints, wrists, buttocks, back, and neck. This significantly reduces the risk of injury. It also makes recumbent exercise bikes a good option for the elderly. 


Recumbent bikes are safe on the road. It is easy to keep your balance and nearly impossible to fly over the handlebars in the case of an accident. If you do fall, you won’t fall far, since your center of gravity is much lower than with a normal bicycle


Few other workout regimens allow you to entertain yourself while you pedal to the metal. You can release the handlebars to occupy yourself with your favorite shows, books, or games. 


Thrill-seekers can experience the exhilarating sensation of speed when they take their bike onto the road. Recumbent bikes are said to be faster than traditional bikes.

Better Views

Your laid-back position allows you to look up and enjoy the view. This is not the case with traditional bicycles, where you mostly look at the ground.  

Who can use a recumbent bicycle? 

Recumbent bicycles are terrific for beginners and experienced exercisers. Anyone can improve their fitness level on a recumbent bike safely and comfortably. 

The design of these bikes makes them a great choice for those who want to avoid injuries and excessive strain while staying active. It is a safe option for older people and those recovering from injuries.