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Recumbent Bike Parts Replacement

Last Updated on November 5, 2021 by Jeff

A recumbent stationary bike is a great asset in your home fitness regimen. But, as with all equipment, there are times when parts of recumbent bikes can malfunction. 

This may be due to wear and tear from prolonged or excessive use, or a lack of regular maintenance. 

Once you’ve done some troubleshooting you may decide that you need to do some repairs or swap out some parts. 

Recumbent bike parts replacement needn’t be stressful. This guide will help you to handle it like a pro.

Most Common Bike Part Replacements

Bike Seat

If your recumbent exercise bike has a narrow or uncomfortable seat it can cause seat pain, which will discourage you from using your exercise bike. You can rectify this issue by replacing the saddle. 

Various options are available, but it’s helpful to do some research and go for the most comfortable choice. Some options have wider than standard seats, and as well as memory foam padding and faux leather upholstery. 

You should also look out for ones that are quick and easy to install. Some brands come with instruction manuals and alan keys included. 

Installing the new bike seat

Follow the instructions in the booklet, and use the tools provided, to remove the seat post and saddle from your recumbent bike. 

Depending on your bike’s seat post, you may need to use the supplied saddle adapter.

Bike Seat Covers

Repeated use can cause the padding of your stationary bike seat to flatten, and the cover may start to look worn. Aside from aesthetics, this will also cause discomfort when exercising. 

The solution is to get yourself a removable recumbent bike saddle cover. It will make the seat look new again, and you’ll be able to exercise comfortably once more.

Available with traditional foam or gel cushioning, replacement seat covers can be bought at fitness equipment and bike stores or from several online websites. 

Fitting new seat covers

Replacement seat covers can be easily and quickly slipped over your exercise bike seat in a matter of seconds and are secured in place with a drawstring or straps.

Pedal Foot Straps

Recumbent Bike Parts Replacement

As with bike seat covers, the pedal foot-straps will eventually show signs of wear and tear. Recumbent bike pedal straps are there for your comfort and safety, so damaged straps must be replaced when necessary. 

You can buy replacement straps online, at bike accessory outlets, or fitness equipment stores. They are generally marked to indicate which is the left and the right and will have instructions included. 

No tools are required for this job, and it takes only a couple of minutes to fit them.

Replacing pedal straps

Remove the old, worn straps and lay the new straps with the soft side facing upwards and rough velcro side down. The metal bracket should be close to the frame.

Thread the straps through the pedals and slide the clasp through the metal bracket. One at a time fold the strap across the clasp, then press down on the velcro and close the clasp.

Hand Grip Covers

Another issue caused by prolonged use is the wearing out of the foam handgrips.

If you are faced with this problem, there is a quick and easy solution. Foam grips are available in a variety of handlebar sizes and can be purchased from bike parts websites and bike shops. 

Fitting new handgrip covers

recumbent bike replacement parts

First, you’ll need to remove the old handgrips, and this may take a bit of effort. Your task can be made easier with the use of lubricants or compressed air blown under the grip covers to lift them away from the bars. 

Rubbing alcohol or a mild soapy solution can also be used, and these will not damage the bars. Do not be tempted to cut them off as doing so may cause damage to the handlebars. 

Once you have pried the old covers away from the handgrips, you can then twist them off the ends, and slide on the new ones.

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor usually works through pulse sensors in the handgrips, and it’s not a very reliable system in many bike models.

The pulse sensors are usually inside the handlebars to either side of the seat, and when you grip these, the sensors detect your pulse rate and relay this to the console.

When gripping the bars, too loose or tight a grip can cause the sensors to not detect a reading. Sweaty hands can cause the same problem.

During assembly of your bike, be sure to connect the wiring between the pulse sensors and the monitor correctly, or you may not get a reading. 

If you want a more reliable method of monitoring your heart rate while exercising, invest in a heart rate monitoring strap. It is available for purchase online and at fitness stores, 

How To Use A Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor

To use, simply strap onto the skin of your chest, under the sternum. Different models may vary, so check that you are getting the right type for your bike before purchasing. 

Ensure that it is tight enough so as not to slip while you are exercising, but not too tight or it will cause discomfort. A strap that is too loose might not detect your heart rate. 

This product has electrodes on the side of the strap that is up against your skin. When moistened, it will pick up the signal from your heart rate and transmit it to a data receiver. 

If your Schwinn270 Recumbent Bike heart rate monitor is not working, you’ll need an uncoded one such as the Polar Heart Rate Strap. 

If you dislike the idea of a strap around your chest, wrist strap monitors are also available. 


Problems such as recumbent bike squeaking are generally due to poor maintenance of your machine, which has caused a build-up of dirt, jamming the pedals or belt. 

But, if the belt is worn, it can be purchased from the manufacturer or bike parts websites. Check to see if this part is covered by your warranty before purchasing the item.

recumbent exercise bike accessories


If your Nordictrack Recumbent Bike has no resistance, you will not have the extra intensity required to maximize your workout. This is a common malfunction in various bike models.

Magnetic resistance issues are usually resolved by replacing sensors or adjusting the flywheel alignment. 

If mechanical failure of the flywheel is the culprit, check if the warranty is still valid as this repair may be covered. A new flywheel may be obtainable from the manufacturer.

You can also order it from bike parts websites. However, it may be best to leave these repairs to a professional.


With any piece of gym equipment, there is the inevitability of wear and tear and the possibility of malfunctions. Fortunately, the fixes for a recumbent bike are simple.

When you purchased your bike it would’ve come with an instruction manual and a warranty card. Keep both in a safe place. 

Always consult these for relevant information before attempting any repairs yourself.

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