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Recumbent Bikes With Arm Exerciser

Last Updated on December 2, 2022 by Jeff

These adjustable stationary bikes are the ultimate practical solution to your daily workout.

They are efficient in improving your cardiovascular wellness whilst advancing muscle strength and body coordination.

Looking for an at-home physical therapy machine and injury rehabilitation no matter your age? Then recumbent bikes for home use that include arm exercisers are a safe and reliable fitness ensemble.

Best of all they can be incorporated seamlessly into your lifestyle routine, no matter your age or athletic proficiency. 

There are a large variety of stationary bikes on the market offering a range of modern-day additions such as a recumbent air bike, recumbent bike with a video screen, and even the ultimate recumbent bike with ifit.

Also, a recumbent exercise bike with video games is now available for those who prefer to multi-task their workouts with their leisure activities.

Alternatively, a recumbent bike book holder will allow you to enrich your mind whilst maximizing your body. 

Best Recumbent Bikes With Arms On the Market -Our Review

Most Sophisticated – Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical

Recumbent Bikes With Arm Exerciser

This recumbent bike is beautifully designed to minimize knee and joint pain by providing a patented stride technology that facilitates smooth ease of motion. 

The sexy dual power flow gives both your lower and upper body a workout. 

When you participate in this kind of cardio-building exercise, it’s much easier to burn those stubborn calories and enhance your muscle mass.

If you prefer to only work specific areas of your body on different days, the FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer allows you to isolate either your legs or arms, to improve muscle specifics. 

This Teeter cross trainer sports a digital console that is battery powered, making it easy for you to track your workout and fitness goals. 

It additionally has the convenience of separate wheels that can be fitted to move the recumbent bike to a different room or onto the deck for a unique outdoor gym experience. 

One of the best recumbent bikes with moving arms we’ve tested, this is a sophisticated compact package for your home whose sophisticated engineering should last a lifetime

Overall a very good investment but slightly on the more expensive side at an average price of around $850. 


  • Gentle low impact exercises for knees, hips, and joints
  • Dual power increases calorie burn
  • Build, define and tone muscles with targeting exercises
  • At-home physical therapy solution
  • Easy to use and easy to move


  • The Teeter recumbent bike with arms does not have a heart rate proctor. 
  • Some customers might find the $800 price tag a bit steep


Most Versatile – Stamina Exercise Bike And Strength System

The Stamina is an unusual recumbent bike. 

Instead of having the more traditional arm exerciser extensions, it has dual pulleys on each side of its upper system. 

These nifty elastic bungee chords can be used either sitting or standing increasing your dexterity as well as providing a formidable strength training workout. 

Want to improve your leg strength? 

Then unhook the clips, move the handles to the back of the bike and attach the ankle cuffs. 

Voila, you’re now all set for a lower body workout that doesn’t involve cycling. 

There are many adjustable and detachable elements to the Stamina. 

You can see the inventors have tried to cover all bases for the fitness enthusiast. And though that makes this bike a high-functioning exercise machine, it can all get a bit tedious and complicated to operate. 

Bells and whistles aside,  a recumbent bike will always be judged on its core function – pedal power. 

The Stamina is built with a performance orientated design that includes eight resistance levels.

You can safely sit back and increase your speed, distance, check your pulse and monitor your workout time whilst burning calories and improving your cardio. 

Most importantly,  the comfort of the wide padded seat and backrest ensures a pleasurable and pain-free experience for the back and butt whilst you pedal. 

This stationary recumbent bike also boasts good quality textured pedals allowing for a snug grip. 

You can also adjust your seat height to ensure a safe and stable workout. 

For an all-in-one biking and strength training piece of home gym equipment, the Stamina is well priced for around $250. 


  • Well balanced, comfortable cycling
  • Provides a good cardio workout alongside core strength training
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact design, that won’t take up much space in your home gym.
  • Great value for money


  • Stronger bodies might find the design unstable
  • Bands and ankle cuffs have been known to fray 


Most Economical – Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you’re looking for an uncomplicated low-impact fitness machine, then the Sunny recumbent bike with moveable arms is a great choice. 

Produced from an accredited and trusted fitness company, this no-fuss machine is easy to install and use immediately.  

It features an impressive 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance making it a multipurpose preference for both beginner and advanced training. 

By using the handlebars in a simple back and forth motion whilst pedaling, the back, shoulders, and arm muscles are all engaged in the physical process.

Dual-action machines like the Sunny help improve your cardiovascular workout whilst gently toning the muscles throughout the upper body.

Offering a smooth and noise-free ride, due to its belt drive mechanism, this is a good bike to use in front of the tv.

It’s also a good choice for the elderly or those looking for a more therapeutic approach to their training due to its reduced impact and all-around comfortability. 

The price is a joy as well. This is one of the most affordable recumbent bikes with moveable arms on the home gym market. 

At around $230, this was a popular seller during lockdown for those unable to get to the gym or physical therapy. 

The Sunny Magnetic Recumbent Exercise bike also sports a straightforward digital monitor that measures time, distance, calories, and pulse rate as well as featuring an odometer. 

It has portable wheels to make moving easier and can accommodate a weight of up to 350 pounds making it perfect for the more bulky frame. 


  • Easy to adjust the seat and comfortable grips
  • Almost silent pedaling making it a non-invasive machine in living spaces
  • Provides a good cardio workout as well as strength training for the upper body
  • Pulse monitors and clear uncomplicated fitness screen graphics
  • Provides overall body workout for fitness enthusiasts and seniors 
  • Affordable


  • Arms might be a touch too high for smaller frames. This can be rectified by using a pillow. 
  • Pedal threads may need replacing after constant use at high speeds.


Most Trusted – HCI Fitness PhysioCycle XT Recumbent Bike with Arms

best recumbent bike with arm workout

This is one of the more nifty high-end recumbent machines on the market. 

It has 8 levels of resistance training as well as 7 built-in program modules including HRC, manual, valley, mountain, ramp, and interval. 

No matter what your ability, the HCI Fitness, will accommodate your level of expertise and provide an overall body workout.

It will not only challenge your cardiovascular power but your muscular strength too.

The HCI PhysioCycle achieves this by combining exercise formulations, which include; Bi-Directional Upper Body Ergometer and a Recumbent Cycle

The top of the line recumbent bike is one of the more convenient machines on the market with an easy-to-mount and dismount design and ample walk-through space. 

The handlebars on the sides of the comfortable seating hold tiny pulse sensors that help keep track of your heart rate along with other fitness monitors including speed, distance, calories, and torque levels. 

These are all displayed on a high-definition LCD screen mount. 

The arm exerciser resistance can also be adjusted but be aware that they correlate directly with the tension of the pedals and cannot be altered separately. 

This is a comprehensive recumbent bike with ergonomic seating and can carry the weight of a 300-pound person. 

The price is the big factor though as you can expect to be charged over $1600 for this piece of HCI equipment. You’re paying for a superior product and trusted name though more than for additional features like the water bottle holder. 


  • Diverse modalities and challenging programs
  • Well built, sturdy, and robustly designed
  • Good cardio workouts for the upper body by using hand/arm exercise- and directional resistance 
  • Well known and trusted sports and physical therapy brand


  • Designed for an average height, if you’re smaller or taller, you might feel slightly awkward at first
  • Hefty price tag


Recumbent bikes with arm exercisers are a modern-day solution to all your fitness needs. 

Being able to work out your whole body, rehabilitate injured muscles safely and improve your cardiovascular strength in one session is what most athletes strive for.

So why not put the same energy into your amateur home gym?

No matter your ability or budget, these nifty machines are a great investment for your overall physiology. 

After much review, our favorite bike would have to be the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike. 

It’s priced affordably for the home consumer whilst delivering on well-made professional components from a respected brand. 

The eight levels of intensity suit all ages and its simple mechanics make it easy to set up to start exercising immediately.

If your budget allows for a fancier and more sophisticated exercise machine, then the HCI Fitness PhysioCycle XT Recumbent Bike with Arms is the way to go.

It’s also produced by one of the leading and most reliable names in the fitness industry, HCI. 

When buying such a large and expensive exercise machine it’s always good to know that you will be receiving a solid warranty as well as backup support. 

We’ve offered you our best recumbent exercise bikes with arm exercisers reviews but be sure to do your own research before you purchase.

A lot of brands of exercise bikes also have good online forums and support YouTube channels where you can look for exercise tips, programs, and unique workouts by accredited trainers.

If you are injured, have particular muscular aches or joint problems, check with your physiotherapist or doctor first before engaging in any strenuous workout or new programs. 

Recumbent Exercise Bike With Arm Workout FAQ

Do recumbent bikes offer a good workout?

Dual-action recumbent bikes with arm extensions provide both challenging cardiovascular exercises using the upper and lower body whilst improving muscular strength and tone. Most recumbent bikes provide a display monitor where you can evaluate your speed, heart rate, and calories burned. 

Are Recumbent Bikes Safe for Seniors to Use?

Recumbent bikes are a safe, comfortable low impact exercise choice for the elderly. Their reclined seating and support for the back make for ease of use. 

Stationary recumbent bikes also support the hips and are easy on the knees and joints whilst pedaling. Look for a  recumbent bike with swivel seat to provide a gentle workout for improving movement.

Do Stationary Bikes Exercise Your Arms?

In the past recumbent bikes had stationary armrests on the side of the seat however due to the popular demand for a full-body workout, recumbent bikes now also feature arm exercisers. 

There are numerous online tutorials and videos by health professionals that can supplement and spice up your daily workout to include arm exercises.

Fitness enthusiasts, the elderly, and those engaging in at-home physical therapy can now challenge and improve the upper body’s strength whilst pedaling.