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What are Some Recumbent Bikes that Come with TVs?

Last Updated on December 2, 2022 by Jeff

Recumbent bikes for home use have become popular in recent months. The problem is that these bulky bikes don’t always fit where you want them to. They end up stuck in a back room where you’ll have to exercise in silence. 

That’s where integrated LCD screens come in. These LCDs give recumbent stationary bikes an edge. A fun one. And they are as popular as recumbent bikes with iFit.

We know how difficult it is to find bikes that are worth buying. That’s why we did all the research for you. 

Below is a list of the 6 best recumbent bikes with a TV screen. 

Recumbent Exercise Bikes With TV Screen (Our Review) 

Spirit Fitness CR900ENT Semi-Recumbent [Best Overall]

The Spirit CR900ENT is impressive. And at $6,899, it should be. 

It has a 10.1” touchscreen console with 3 viewing modes. The console is innovative and allows the user to stream any media. It has TV, music, and internet streaming capabilities. There are 10 workout programs, including custom workouts.

This recumbent bike has a fan, accessory tray, and heart rate monitoring. The heart monitoring is contact instead of wireless. 

The bike has a step-through design and 2 front transport wheels. The seat is molded with durometer foam and can be adjusted infinitely. 

But no, this is not a recumbent bike with a swivel seat. That would be pretty cool though. 

The CR900ENT has 40 levels of resistance and a max weight limit of 450 lbs (204 kg).


  • The 10.1” touchscreen offers innovative entertainment streaming. 
  • The seat is molded with a high durometer form and has infinite adjustment levels. 
  • The integrated fan is adjustable.
  • It has an accessory tray and bottle holder.
  • There are 2 transport wheels in front.
  • It has 40 levels of resistance.


  • The heart rate monitoring straps are not included. 
  • No USB port

Technogym Excite Live Recline [Best TV Screen]

Recumbent Bikes With TV

The Excite Live Recline is the latest Technogym Excite model. It might seem too expensive at $4,640, but you’ll get what you pay for.

It has a wide step-through design with adjustable pedals and a backrest.

It has 25 levels of resistance that is easy to adjust with the Fast Track Controls on the seat handles. The handles also have heart rate sensors. 

The bike boasts a wireless charger, a USB port, Bluetooth, Telemetry, and 24 language options. You have the choice of the 10” or the 16” LCD monitor. Both have 13 preset programs, 6 test options and 6 profile selections, and a custom option. 

There are multiple outdoor landscapes for a soothing workout, but the 16” has entertainment capabilities as well.

The 16” is fully integrated for TV and entertainment apps, plus the routines, coach, etc that the 10” has. A recumbent exercise bike with games is sure to make the time pass quicker.

If you’re not much for games or TV, the recumbent bike book holder is another plus for this bike. It has a max weight limit of 485 lbs (220 kg).


  • You have a choice between 10” and 16” LCD.
  • It has 25 levels of resistance.
  • There are 24 languages to choose from.
  • Only the 16” has TV and app capabilities.
  • There’s an accessory tray and bottle holder.
  • It has a wireless charger and USB port.
  • It has Fast Track Controls and heart rate sensors.
  • It is Bluetooth compatible.


  • Has no cooling fan.
  • Has no wheels to move the bike easily.

True Fitness C900 with Showrunner Console

The True Fitness C900 has 30 levels of resistance that are thumb controlled with side handles. The handles monitor the heart rate as well and are adjustable. 

While this is a recumbent bike with movable handles, that doesn’t mean it’s an upper-body recumbent bike. Like most reclining bikes, it focuses on the lower body.

The ergonomic seat bottom has 25 settings. The breathable backrest is comfortable and will prevent overheating. The bike has a walk-through design and 3 workout types.

The Showrunner Console is a 16” LCD that is fully integrated with TV and device mirroring. It’s compatible with both Android and Apple and is user-friendly. 

The C900 has a max weight limit of 400 lbs (182 kg).


  • The Showrunner Console has a TV and mirroring capabilities.
  • It has a USB port.
  • The seat has 25 adjustment settings.
  • It has 30 levels of resistance.
  • The seat handles are moisture-resistant.
  • It has a bottle holder.
  • There are 2 front wheels for easy moving.
  • It has quick access resistance controls on the side handles.


  • There’s no cooling fan.
  • There are only 3 workout types.

recumbent bike with tv screen

True Fitness CS800 [Best Value for Money]

The True Fitness CS800 is our Best Value Buy at $3,999. It has a 15” LCD Touchscreen. 

The screen is fully integrated and compatible with iPods. This allows you to listen to music and watch TV while monitoring your progress. 

The LCD has hundreds of scenic views to choose from. There are multiple languages to choose from and wireless heart monitoring.

The CS800 has 19 preset, 5 custom, and 5 saved workout programs.

The bike has a step-through design and an ergonomic seat with 15 different positions. It allows for a max weight of 450 lbs (204 kg). 


  • It has iPod compatibility.
  • The heart rate monitoring is wireless.
  • The bike has a step-through frame.
  • It has a water bottle holder. 
  • There are multiple workout programs.
  • A USB port is available.


  • The number of resistance levels is unknown.
  • There’s no cooling fan.
  • No wheels to move the bike easily.

Cybex V Series with Attachable TV [Best Runner-Up]

The Cybex V Series has 25 levels of resistance and a step-through frame. The seat is easy to adjust with one hand and has a high back.

There are heart rate monitors in the side handles and the pedal straps are adjustable. The accessory tray and bottle holder are attached to the seat. 

While this might not be the best recumbent bike with a TV, it’s not the worst one either. The attachable TV is a 15” HD screen. It has an anti-glare coating and 1080p resolution. 

The bike has a max weight limit of 400 lbs (182 kg) and costs about $4,710.


  • It has a 15” HD screen with anti-glare. 
  • The seat can be adjusted with one hand.
  • It has an accessory tray and bottle holder.
  • It has adjustable pedal straps.
  • It has 25 levels of resistance.


  • There’s no cooling fan.
  • It has no wheels. Moving it will be difficult.
  • The number of workout programs is unknown.
  • There’s no USB port.

recumbent bike with video screen

Star Trac SRBX with Personal Viewing Screen [Best User-Friendly]

At $5,699, the Star Trac SRBX is the second most expensive recumbent bike on our list. It has a 15.6” HD Viewing Screen and adjustable fans. 

The armrests are adjustable but this is not a recumbent bike with an arm workout. The adjustable seat is intuitive and wrap-around, molding to the body. Dual-platform pedals offer users more flexibility when cycling. 

A user-friendly console and keypad mean you won’t have a moment’s confusion. There are preset workout programs including one for heart rate. 

The bike has a step-through design and a max weight limit of 350 lbs (159 kg). 


  • It has a 15.6” HD touch screen.
  • There are dual-platform pedals.
  • The armrest and fan are adjustable.
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • There are multiple cup and accessory holders


  • Unknown levels of resistance
  • No USB port

Recumbent Exercise Bikes With TV Screens (FAQ) 

Can you watch TV on a stationary bike?

Yes, you can watch TV on a stationary bike. 

TVs are generally more popular on upright bikes. Recumbent bikes usually only have the standard LCD progress tracker. If you want one with TV and streaming capabilities, you will have to look at fitness stores. 

You won’t find a high-end recumbent or upright bike at a wholesaler. 

What is the most comfortable recumbent exercise bike?

Deciding on the most comfortable recumbent bike is tricky. It depends on what type of comfort you’re looking for. If you have lower back pain then a bike like NordicTrack C VR25 has great lumbar support. 

Your best bet would be to look for reviews for comfortable recumbent bikes. It’s best to compare multiple products before deciding on one.

Can you lose belly fat by riding a stationary bike?

Yes, you can lose belly fat on a stationary bike. 

Upright bikes are especially good for building core strength and toning the abdominals. Recumbent bikes can be used to lose belly fat as well. You will have to change your technique and adjust the resistance but it will work.  


You’ve now seen our top picks for recumbent bikes with a TV screen. Before making a final decision, it might be good to go view them in-store. 

You don’t want to end up with a bike that doesn’t suit you.

If you still have questions about recumbent bikes, the list of similar articles below might be of some use.