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Recumbent Cross-Trainer Bikes Overview

Last Updated on October 29, 2021 by Jeff

Think of the two most well-known at-home exercise equipment machines: a recumbent bike and an elliptical machine. They are excellent equipment to use for cardiovascular and muscle strength. By combining these two machines you get a hybrid recumbent bike. A match made in heaven. 

A cross trainer is an elliptical and recumbent bike combo. The cross bike combines all the best aspects that these machines have into one powerhouse machine. The bike strengthens your arms and upper body while working your legs. 

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The bike has multiple resistance settings for both your arms and legs. The resistance will adjust your speed and determine how hard your muscles will work. The cross bike is very user-friendly. Position yourself on the seat facing forward, put your feet on the pedals and your hand on the lever in front of you, and start moving. 

The fitness industry has seen its potential as a combo. The cross trainer allows exercising three things at once: your arms, legs, and cardiovascular muscles. This is ideal if you do not have a lot of time but would like to have an effective workout. 

Recumbent Cross trainer bike

What is a Recumbent Cross Trainer Bike?

By combining the two machines you get a dual-action recumbent bike. On a cross-trainer, you push pedals back and forth with your feet. This is opposite to on a normal recumbent bike that has a circular pedaling motion. 

You use your arms and hands similar to normal ellipticals. The handlebars move forward and backward as you push them forward. The biggest difference between the cross trainer vs an elliptical machine is that you are in a seated position and not standing. 

The seat on the cross trainer is large and very comfortable. The cross trainer is also known as a semi-recumbent exercise bike because the design is a bit different from a normal recumbent bike. The cross trainer is one of the most versatile recumbent stationary bikes.

Best commercial recumbent bike 

The cross-training bikes can be used in commercial gyms or in the comfort of your own home. The cross trainer is one of the best commercial recumbent exercise bikes that you can use. The cross-training bike gives you a good cardiovascular workout and strengthens your muscles at the same time. 

Cross trainers provide a more natural stepping motion than normal recumbent bikes. This natural setting of the bike puts less pressure on your joints. Because of the origins of these bikes, they are specifically designed to project your backs, knees, and joints and give you a great full-body workout. 

There are a few cross-training bikes on the market. The biggest distinction between them is whether they will be used in rehabilitation or a gym environment. Hospitals and physiotherapists invest in rehabilitation recumbent bikes for patients that had operations or recovering from injuries. 

The bikes used for rehabilitation look and operate a little differently from cross trainers in the gym, For example, rehab cross trainers have moveable seats where the other bike has a fixed seat. The adjustable seat makes it easier for people with disabilities to access the bike. 

Pros of the Cross Trainer Bike

cross trainer recumbent bike

Offers full-body workout

The cross trainer exercises your arms, legs, and cardiovascular muscles all at once. This is great because you can effectively get a full-body workout while sitting comfortably on a large seat with a backrest. 

Low impact on joints

The Cross trainer started as a rehabilitation machine. They are specifically designed in such a way to take pressure off your joints. The pedaling motion has a natural stepping stride in a linear path. This design will protect your knees and hips, The big seat and backrest support your neck and lower back. 

Transportable wheels 

The cross trainer has transportable wheels and can be moved around. This is a very important function to have. Without the option of transporting the bike, the equipment becomes stagnant. People feel that it is too big and difficult to move around without the wheels. 

The wheels give you the freedom to move the bike to where you would like to exercise. Especially with home gyms gaining so much popularity this is an important aspect to have. You can move the bike into your lounge or even outside. The wheels give the bike a lot of functionality. 

Lifestyle accessories

The cross trainer has all the accessories that you need. An LCD screen to display your time, speed, and resistance. A water bottle holder for water and sports drinks. It also has various resistance level settings to intensify your workouts as you progress. 

These additional features are important to consumers. Ultimately these features will enhance your workout and make it easier to get active and moving. 

Cons of the Cross Trainer Bike

Size of the bike 

Compared to a normal recumbent bike, the cross trainer is a bit bigger. It takes up more space and can not be folded and stored in small spaces. The cross-trained is not the lightest recumbent bike on the market. It can be moved around on its wheels; it only takes a bit more effort. 

Training levels 

The cross-training bike has fewer resistance training levels. The elliptical and recumbent bike individually has a lot more individual resistance levels. Keep in mind they are singular machines that focus on certain body parts. 

Cross Training Bikes FAQs

Who is a cross trainer for? 

Cross trainers gained popularity in the rehabilitation industry. They were used on people after they had surgery to get them back on track and moving. The reason being is that the bike puts little to no pressure on your joints. 

However, they are not only limited to people who have physical disabilities or who are recovering from injuries and operations. The cross-training bike is ideal for anyone interested in being active and using their time efficiently. The cross trainer allows you to exercise more than one body part at a time. 

This is ideal for people who have limited time to exercise. For example, working people or single parents. With only 30minutes on the cross trainer, you can exercise three muscle groups and burn a lot of calories. 

Is the price worth it? 

The cross trainer is a bit more expensive than a normal recumbent bike and elliptical machine if you compare them individually. If you are a person that wants the benefits of an elliptical machine and a recumbent bike then the price of the cross trainer is worth it. 

But if you are someone that only wants a recumbent bike or an elliptical machine, A cross trainer may be a bit expensive and not the best product for you. The cross bike is all about combining two things into one. Saving time, money, and energy.  

recumbent bike elliptical cross trainer

What type of bike is right for me? 

There are many types of recumbent bikes. A lot of people struggle to decide between a normal and cross recumbent bike. There is a big difference between normal and cross recumbent bikes. The cross-training bike is ideal if you would like to exercise your legs and arms at the same time. The cross trainer will allow you to save time while you exercise.  

There are a few elliptical machines on the market. Most of them have the same pedaling motion but the arm rotation differs on some machines. Some cross trainers have the arm pedals right in front while others are more to the side. There is no difference in the output, it only depends on your preference. 

The biggest question consumers still have is whether they should buy a cross-trainer or a normal recumbent bike. The cross trainers are a bit more expensive. But if you need a two-in-one bike that can exercise your arms and legs at once the price is worth it.  

There is a big difference between a normal recumbent bike and a cross bike. You must consider a few things before you buy any type of equipment. What is my price range, so do I have a big or small space to put it, how much am I going to use it, and do I have a specific fitness goal in mind? 

These factors will help you to make your choice easier. There are a lot of options on the market and consumers can easily get confused and unmotivated to buy a bike. Start with these factors mentioned and get peddling.

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