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Recumbent Exercise Bike with Fan

Last Updated on December 2, 2022 by Jeff

Recumbent Exercise Bike with Fan

Recumbent exercise bikes with built-in fans will keep you cool and comfortable while you work up a sweat. They are great for regulating your body temperature and they make it easier for you to stay on your bike.

We have rounded up and reviewed recumbent bikes with built-in fans to keep you cool while you pedal. You will find out all about the nifty features that make these bikes great, like comfort, console technology, and resistance settings.

Recumbent Bikes with Fan (Our Review) 

Nautilus R616 (Best Overall Recumbent Bike)

The Nautilus R616 is similar to the Schwinn 270 and earns its reputation as one of the best recumbent bikes under $1000. This bike offers high-tech features and a customizable workout experience second to none.

For a little over $500, you can customize your fitness journey with 25 resistance settings and 29 computerized workout programs. 

Two high-resolution LCD monitors track and display all the fitness metrics you may need. You can also track your heart rate with pulse grip sensors or a telemetric chest strap.

The Nautilus R616’s greatest appeal is its high-tech console and fitness programs. You can keep track of your fitness data across a range of fitness apps like Nautilus Connect and MyFitnessPal. 

You can also store and transfer your fitness data with USB or Bluetooth.

The 29 workout programs include innovative and fun rides where you can pedal around parks, rolling hills, or pyramids. It also includes fitness tests, recovery test programs, and custom heart rate programs.

Other bells and whistles include a built-in three-speed fan and water bottle holder to keep you cool during workouts. The monitor also has an accessory tray, speakers, and can sync with iPod, MP3, and Bluetooth.

The built-in three-speed fan operates effortlessly and silently, even at the highest speed. Some may complain that the fan is not strong enough, but it does give some excellent air circulation. 


  • 29 workout programs.
  • Built-in three-speed fan.
  • Can sync with fitness apps.
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Telemetric heart rate chest strap not included.
  • Low sound quality on speakers.

recumbent bike with fan

Sole Fitness LCR (Most Resistance Settings)

The Sole Fitness LCR recumbent bike costs around $1200 and provides ample fitness feedback, accessories like a built-in fan, and computerized workout programs.

You can improve your fitness level professionally and conveniently with a whopping 40 resistance settings and 10 workout programs. This includes standard, custom, and heart rate control workouts.

The heavy-duty, 30-pound flywheel ensures a smooth and intense pedaling experience.

The system operates quietly, so you can pedal your recumbent bike with TV shows playing in the background.

The 9’’ backlit blue LCD monitor tracks fitness metrics. Heart rate is measured with pulse grip sensors.

Some nifty accessories include the built-in cooling fan, MP3 speakers, and a USB charging port.

Even though the bike does not need electricity to be operated, the fan is still good for keeping you cool. It sits right above the console and blows wind into your face.


  • 40 resistance settings.
  • The backrest offers lumbar support.
  • Built-in workout fan.
  • 10 workout programs.
  • Heart rate grip sensors.


  • No accessory tray.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity.


CRS800S Recumbent Stepper (Most Comfortable Design)

The CRS800S Recumbent Stepper is one of the sturdiest and most comfortable recumbent bikes out there. This bike costs over $3000 and was built for comfort.  

The bike has 20 magnetic resistance levels and 10 workout programs. Some workouts include hills, fat burners, and heart rate workouts.

The 7.5’’ blue backlit LCD is a basic console with an intuitive interface for simple operation. The console tracks calories, time, and distance. It can also show your heart rate profile and muscle activation profile.

The grips have pulse sensors, and the bike is compatible with a telemetric heart rate chest strap. The chest strap is sold separately.

The most impressive feature of the CRS800S recumbent bike is its large, adjustable seats. This recumbent bike with swivel seat technology was designed for comfort. The thick, foam-padded seat can swivel 360 degrees.

The step-through design also makes it safe to mount and dismount, and the retractable armrest adds to your convenience. You can comfortably pedal this recumbent exercise bike with books, movies, and games to entertain you.

Other accessories designed for your comfort include a built-in turbo cooling fan, accessory tray, USB charging port, and water bottle holder.  

It is standard for Spirit fitness bikes to have fans that keep you cool. The turbo fan on this bike is very strong, and it can swivel from side to side.

For around $3000, one would hope that this is a recumbent bike with arm pedals. This is not the case. You will have to look elsewhere for recumbent bikes with upper-body workout equipment.


  • User weight capacity: 450 pounds.
  • 360-degree swivel seat.
  • 10 workout programs.
  • Retractable armrest.


  • No Bluetooth
  • Telemetric heart rate chest strap not included.


NordicTrack Commercial Recumbent Bike R35 (Best Console Technology)

This high-quality recumbent bike will deliver a smooth and challenging workout experience while boasting some of the most high-tech features. 

For around $2000, the NordicTrack R35 delivers features and perks that will make you excited for your next workout.

This bike operates on silent magnetic resistance. It has a heavy, 25-pound inertia-enhanced flywheel and 26 resistance levels.

Your fitness metrics and workout data are recorded and displayed on a 14’’ Smart Touchscreen LCD. The fitness metrics include heart rate, but the Bluetooth heart rate chest strap is sold separately.

One downside is that the NordicTrack R35 does not come with pre-set workout programs. Luckily, your free 1-year subscription to iFit Coach can offer a myriad of fitness plans and customizable workout options.

Your NordicTrack recumbent bike with iFit Coach has some impressive perks. 

This includes custom fitness plans, on-demand live workouts with personal trainers, and simulated outdoor drives with Google Maps. Four users can log and track their workout data with the iFit Coach Family Membership Plan.

Two 2’’ digitally amplified speakers, a water bottle holder, tablet holder, and transport wheels cater to your absolute comfort. Its impressive AutoBreeze fan can automatically adjust itself according to your workout and can blow at constant speeds.


  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Heavy flywheel for advanced resistance.
  • Smart Touchscreen LCD.
  • 26 resistance levels.


  • No pre-set workout programs.
  • iFit Coach subscription has to be renewed after one year.


Diamondback 910sr (Best Recumbent Bike for Advanced Riders)

This durable and feature-rich recumbent bike can challenge the most advanced exercisers. The Diamondback 910sr offers incredible resistance settings and retails for around $1000.

The Diamondback 910sr boasts a whopping 32 electronically controlled resistance settings. The flywheel weighs 32 pounds, which is especially heavy and delivers a smooth and quiet workout.

This bike delivers an efficient pedal stroke, which can make for intense cardio and strength workouts. A Diamondback 910sr is one of the best recumbent bikes for home use.  

Although this bike delivers a tough workout, more advanced exercisers who want to take their fitness to the next level should look for recumbent exercise bikes with moving arms if they want a full-body experience.

There are 32 workout programs to choose from, making them customizable to every whim. Some features include fitness goals, heart-rate-controlled training, custom user programs, and fitness tests.

We also like the high-tech console of this bike. The LCD console measures metrics, including heart rate. Heart rate is measured with grip sensors and Polar compatible wireless heart rate receivers.

The LCD console is also adjustable. It can tilt and be adjusted alongside the and armrests. 

You can hook your iPod, smartphone, or other MP3 devices to the built-in speakers. It also boasts a USB port, headphone jack, accessory tray, and water bottle holder.

The built-in cooling fans on the Diamondback 910sr have multi-speed cooling options. The fan also adjusts its speed according to your workout intensity.


  • 32 resistance settings.
  • 32 workout programs.
  • Heavy flywheel for better resistance.
  • Compatible with MP3 players.


  • Not for persons under 5’2’’ or over 6’5’’.
  • Difficult and time-consuming assembly.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity.


Recumbent bikes come with many bells and whistles to make your home workout experience more convenient, including built-in cooling fans. The feeling of pedaling with a fresh breeze blowing in your face is unsurpassed.

Recumbent bikes with fans help to keep you more comfortable during your ride. By keeping you cool, fans actually allow you to sit on your bike a bit longer to crunch more calories.

Now you know which recumbent bikes have cooling fans, and why each of these bikes is fantastic. With all of the benefits and features offered by the recumbent bikes in our review, you are sure to find your ideal bike. 

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