LiveRowing Rowing Machine App Preview

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“Race a friend. Race a stranger. Even race yourself.” – LiveRowing

A new app called LiveRowing is about to come racing into your world to rock your rowing machine workout. Rowing is a great full-body exercise as many gym-dwellers and CrossFit lovers will attest. You’re working most if not LiveRowing Appall of the major muscles in your body. But rowing alone in the gym or box with nobody to compete against can get a little boring. Enter LiveRowing. This app promises to take your workout to the next level of fun and adrenaline by connecting your Concept 2 Indoor Rower to an online community of other LiveRowing users through your iPhone.
LiveRowing App for Concept2

Compete with the World

Once you’ve connected, you can link up with friends, other users you don’t know, or just go solo and one-up yourself. You’ll no longer be isolated and alone with just your PM5 monitor to stare at as you crank out the strokes. The app matches you up with a user/competitor that’s close to your ability so you aren’t blown out of the water, so to speak.

A nice feature is the ability to set “Challenges”. The LiveRowing app will track your performance through goals set (i.e. rowing 500 billion meters). Then the app will log every meter you row.

The LiveRowing app may require a cable called LiveRowing Connect. This tethers the Concept2 to the iPhone. Presumably, this cable is required in order to get the data transferred to your Lightning Connector-enabled iPhone since some versions of the Concept2 (“legacy” versions) don’t have wifi or Bluetooth.

There isn’t much more motivating than competition when trying to reach fitness LiveRowing App for Concept2 Model Dgoals. The thing is, it’s hard to find people to compete against in your everyday gym. Imagine suddenly you’re leveling up because you are competing against people from all over the world. The LiveRowing App looks like it’s going to be an awesome way to add that motivation and goal tracking to your rowing machine workouts.

The LiveRowing App is slated to hit the app market in April 2015. You can learn more at



Here’s an overview video of the LiveRowing App:



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