Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine Review

Last Updated on October 18, 2021 by Jeff

Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine Overview:

When the Schwinn’s Windrigger rowing machine model was discontinued, the Crewmaster took its place. The Crewmaster is currently the only model in this brand line at the time. It is a fairly quiet machine with a steel frame and nylon strap for a smooth, even rowing motion. It is supposed to be easy to fold and move when not in use, but it may be a little heavy for that to be a reality for some trainees.

The Crewmaster does feature a large, comfortable seat and equally large foot pedals. Straps allow you to keep your feet in the proper position while rowing and prevents them from sliding off—even when your workout intensity is high. This machine has ten levels of resistance, and it’s easily adjusted by a large knob in the center of the console area.

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Technical Info:


  • Height: 7.8”
  • Width: 11”
  • Length: 56.5”
  • Item weight: 75 lbs
  • Max user weight: 300 lbs


  • Large, easily adjusted LCD monitor.
  • Oversized seat for comfort is also designed to be easy to clean.
  • Large foot pedals are angled for proper form and have adjustable straps to keep your feet in place even during vigorous rowing.
  • Can be folded for storage or moved using the transport wheels.
  • Nylon strap plus a steel rail delivers quiet performance.
  • 10 levels of magnetic resistance to help you get the workout that you need.
  • Rated for heavier users than many rowing machines on the market.
  • Excellent warranty.


  • Large screen with back lighting can be adjusted so that it is at the right level for viewing while you are rowing.
  • Keeps track of time, stroke count, total count, distance, calories burned, pulse and recovery.
  • Requires 2 AA batteries.


  • Frame: 10 years
  • Parts: 3 years
  • Labor: 1 year

Shipping and Assembly

Sold in a number of places, the Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine may be eligible for free shipping with some restrictions including only to the continental United States and only for standard shipping. Special service, expedited shipping and others will be an extra fee. Although it is not clearly stated, this rowing machine ships in more than one box.

Professional assembly is an additional service that is offered from some sites, however it is not necessary. All of the tools you need are included in the package as are all of the attachments and parts. The diagram is fairly easy to follow, and the instructions are clear. The recommendation is for two people to put this together, but one person could probably handle the task as well.

What We Love About the Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine:

Solid Warranty

Rowing machine warranties tend to be short or non-existent (at this price point), so it is unusual to see this level of warranty on this machine. Ten years for the frame and three for the parts is above and beyond what you see among other rowing machine models, unless you start shopping for models that cost two and three times more than the Crewmaster.

Comfortable Use

The Crewmaster features a large and fairly comfortable seat which can help prevent the feeling of pressure during longer rowing sessions. The handle is also padded with the foam covering doing double duty as slip prevention as well.

The foot pedals are large enough to hold virtually any foot and the adjustable straps help keep the feet in the right position during rowing.

What Isn’t So Great:

Low-Positioned Seat

While it is a common design among rowing machines, the Crewmaster seems to be exceptionally low to the ground, which is terrible for any trainee that has physical limitations or mobility issues. Even someone who is just a little inflexible might find themselves struggling to get on and off of this seat without a problem.

Limited Function for this Price Point

At nearly $500, you would expect at least a few additional functions out of a rowing machine, but you will not get any additional perks with the Crewmaster. For example, there are no preset programs to work with. In addition, the monitor lists “pulse” as something it tracks, but it is unclear how this features works, since there is not a heart rate monitor discussed anywhere in the literature.

Limited Options Among the Brand

This model replaced the former model (the Windrigger) and that pretty much ended the rowing machine options for Schwinn. Compared to other brands with similar types of resistance and features, the Crewmaster falls short, especially when most of the other brands are nearly half the price for this model type.

Comparing the Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine

There are similar rowing machines with the same or similar features, including the same dimensions and weight limit, however they may not have the name recognition of the Schwinn brand.

Beyond the name, the warranty for the Crewmaster sets it apart because most offer a limited, one to two year warranty, and usually only on the frame.

Final Word on the Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine:

The warranty of the Crewmaster alone could be valuable enough for at least some of the cost of this rowing machine. It has many of the same features that trainees shop for when looking for rowers, including a large LCD monitor, seat and adjustable pedals. It has ten levels of resistance, which will be more than enough for trainees at the beginner to intermediate levels of fitness. Trainees beyond that level may find this to be good for cardio or to use for interval training styles. However, experienced trainees may be better off looking for a more advanced machine.

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