Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rower Review

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Stamina Avari Easy Glide RowerOverview:

The Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rower is a budget-friendly and solidly-built rowing machine. As the name implies, this Avari Rowing Machine has been constructed for strong, smooth row experience. Its main seat rail is made of oversized aluminum, and the resistance is created by a hydraulic shock system. A large, thickly padded seat rides on the rail and provides a very comfortable row so that you can extend your workouts.

Because the Avari Easy Glide Rower is so lightweight at only 34 lbs, some people feel it trades in stability for the weight. But to be clear, this rowing machine is well built; it just may move a bit during a workout, especially if you are close to its maximum user weight of 250 lbs. It’s not going to flip over or anything, but it’s something to think about during those times in your workout where you are fully exerting yourself, especially with its strong resistance. For lighter weight users, it won’t be noticeable.

That said, it’s all about the workout and using this Avari Rowing Machine for just 20 minutes a day, a few days a week will improve your conditioning, increase your stamina, build up your muscle tone and kick start weight loss all in a comfortable, low-impact way. The Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rower is extremely affordable and comes with a one-year warranty on its frame and 90 days for its parts and labor.  Read on for our full rowing machine review:

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Technical info:

Assembled dimensions:

  • Height: 26 inches
  • Width: 23 inches
  • Length: 53 inches
  • Weight: 34 lbs


  • An extended seat rail with a ball bearing roller system provides full range of motion when rowing.
  • Large, comfortable seat to extend workouts.
  • A multi-function monitor that displays state and time for motivation.
  • 12 resistance levels to maximize workouts.
  • Large footplates with fully adjustable nylon straps for a comfortable fit.
  • Stands upright for storage in a closet or garage
  • Maximum User Weight: 250 lbs.Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rower

Computer Features:

  • Large, easy to read LCD screen.
  • Scan mode will display each data set for a period of approximately six seconds before
    moving onto the next rowing set.
  • Workout data includes:
    • Time
    • Strokes
    • Total Strokes
    • Calories Burned


  • One (1) year warranty on its frame
  • 90-day warranty on its parts.

Avari Easy Glide RowerShipping and Assembly:

The Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rowing comes shipped securely packaged. They provide a detailed instruction manual with pictures and some basic tools to assistance in the assembly of the rowing machine. There are no complaints regarding the assembly process. Generally, the assembly takes about 30-40 minutes to complete.

Manufacturer Background:

The Avari Easy Glide Rower is manufactured by Stamina, a company known for a commitment to quality exercise equipment. Also, they were one of the first companies to develop infomercials and gave a start to now-famous names like Denise Austin, Body by Jake, Tony Little and Suzanne Somers, We’re in pretty good hands here.

What We Love About the Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rower:

The Avari Easy Glide Rowing Machine is a great entry-level rower specifically designed for a full body, in-home workout. Stamina provides quality exercise equipment at affordable prices and this rowing machine is no exception. For the price, you are getting some good features in a good rower. The Avari Easy Glide Rower provides multiple resistance levels so that you can really challenge yourself during your workouts. More importantly, it provides a level of comfort that will not only keep you on the machine for longer periods, but will keep you coming back for more and more workouts.

AffordabilityStamina Avari Easy Glide Rower

Stamina is well known for building durable products. For the money, you are getting excellent quality in this rowing machine. This Avari Rowing Machine’s price is hard to beat and is definitely cheaper than most other available models. If you’re on a budget, this is one of the most affordable rowing machines available with some great features.

Multiple Resistance Levels

The Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rower offers 12 levels of shock resistance on a single hydraulic piston to help you get the most out of your workouts. The resistance remains sturdy and strong for a good amount of time before it starts to weaken. This allows you to continue your workouts without constantly having to adjust your resistance. Additionally, the resistance is quite strong and ensures that a good workout is being provided.


Many reviewers commented positively on the comfort of the Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rower. This is often a factor that is commonly overlooked, but is significant in buying a rowing machine. If you aren’t comfortable while working out, then you are less likely to use the machine. The wide seat is thickly padded, molds to your body shape and allows a lot of comfort so that you can extend your workouts. Additionally, the padded handle fits nicely into your hands and will prevent injuries such as calices and blisters. Finally, the foot plates are very large and the nylon straps are completely adjustable to give you a secure fit regardless of your size.

What Isn’t So Great:

User Range

This biggest downfall of the Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rower is its overall range in the users that can exercise on this machine. First of all, the maximum user weight of this machine is 250 lbs. So if you are a larger person, looking for a rowing machine to help you shed those pounds, then this rower is probably not for you. The rail of the Avari Easy Glide Rower is also slightly shorter than other models. If you are six foot or taller, you may not be able to get a full extension on this rowing machine. The rowing machine seems to be designed for users between five and six foot tall.

Resistance Range

Many reviewers stated that there is too little resistance between the lowest and highest resistance settings. So, while there are 12 settings, some users may find the useful range of the resistance to be quite small. One good thing is that the resistance is sturdy so you will definitely get a good workout.

Final Word on the Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rower:

The Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rower is easy on the wallet and will glide into your home with even more ease. Stamina builds quality exercise equipment, which is what you should be looking for first and foremost if you are buying an entry level, affordable rowing machine. Even on a budget this rowing machine provides some good features, not the least of which is it is very comfortable. For the price, you are buying a rowing machine that will give you a strong workout and should get you to your fitness goals.



Here’s a video overview of the Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rower:

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