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Velocity Exercise – Rowers, Bikes, Treadmills, and More

Last Updated on May 28, 2017 by Jeff

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

Company Overview:

Velocity Exercise is a fitness equipment supplier specializing in cardio machines. They provide some of the biggest ranges in bikes including upright bikes, recumbent bikes and indoor cycles for the serious road racer. However their range also extends to offer elliptical machines, rowing machines such as the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower, and treadmills too. Having experience in the fitness industry for some 30 years they have now extended their supply of products to be distributed worldwide. Velocity exercise offer great products because of their attention to detail in what really matters most to a customer.

Velocity Exercise OverviewFocus On Quality, Durability And Safety

Each model of a Velocity Exercise cardio machine goes through a lot of testing. First each model is inspected in house for strength and safety and then again by a third party inspection facility before it even goes into production. Once a new model has passed all these tests and inspections, only then can it go into production. During production process there are further inspections and rigorous quality controls in which the products are taken apart and reassembled all to ensure that every machine is made well and made to last.

This attention to detail on making high quality, durable and safe equipment is outstanding and probably why Velocity Exercise can offer one of the best warranties in the exercise equipment industry. Frames receive a 5-year warranty period, the machine’s monitor has a 90-day warranty period and all other parts get a 30-day warranty period. They also offer phone and email customer support.

Stationary Bikes

By far Velocity Exercise’s biggest range is in their stationary bikes. Velocity offers upright bikes, recumbent bikes and indoor cycles. Their bikes range from simple with basic features such as adjustable seats and handles bars, plush cushioned seats for comfort and adjustable resistance all the way to top of the line features for the serious purchaser such as digital monitors, pulse reading, distance tracking, calorie expenditure, heart rate monitors, RPM and speed. They even have bikes with hand cranks so that you can work the upper body as well as the lower body all in one machine.

The CHB Unitro upright bike has 19 programs, 9 of these are preset, 1 is a manual setting, 4 can be created by the user, there are also 3 heart rate programs and even a random option. This machine even has stabilizers and feels levellers so even if your home has less than ideal floors you can safely cycle your heart out without wobbling and fear of toppling over.
For the more serious cyclist, or those about to get serious, there is the Hybrid indoor cycle/upright that has a super smooth belt drive and is therefore much quieter so the machine won’t be annoying anyone else in the house, but you could be if you’re huffing and puffing. It also offers manual resistance and for comfort has a padded seat as well as handlebars.


Velocity Exercise currently only offer one elliptical trainer. It has both outer magnetic resistance control as well as electronic tension control. It also has a large monitor display and backlight and all the buttons are backlit too for ease of use. This machine also measures in at 60 inches long, 30 inches wide and 64 inches wide and so as far as floor real estate goes it has a very small footprint that would be easily accommodated by most homes.

Rowing Machines

As with elliptical, Velocity Exercise also only offers one rowing trainer currently, the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower. While the machine design itself is quite minimalistic, the features are not. It is a magnetic rower with electronic tension control and is made from anodized aluminum and polyurethane seat. The large LCD monitor settings include strokes per minute, count, watts, pulse and time. There are 12 programs including both presets and manual options and when you’re done you can fold it up and put it away to save space.

Coming Soon

On their website, Velocity exercise offer ranges of their equipment divided by category including Sport, Nitro, Motion and Elite. Elite is there newest range, which is yet to be revealed but appears to include their new treadmill equipment, which also says “Coming Soon…”

Final Word on Velocity

Along with their rigorous quality control in design and production, each product on the website displays a picture of the machine, along with a list of features, the specifications so you can measure out the size at home and the product manual for download. Most of the machines are also on wheels for easy movement around the house in case you want to wheel it in front of the TV while you workout, or hide it away when you’ve got company.

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