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WaterRower Indoor Rowing Machine Signature Edition – Xeno Muller with S4 Monitor Review

Last Updated on February 10, 2021 by Jeff

WaterRower-Indoor-Rowing-Machine-Signature-Edition-Xeno-Muller-with-S4-MonitorRowing Machine Overview:

Xeno Muller is a Swiss rowing champion with a silver medal from the 2000 Olympic Games and a gold medal from the 1996 Olympic Games. By teaming up with an equally elite rowing machines manufacturer, you can now own a WaterRower Xeno Muller Signature Series rower. This machine is essentially the WaterRower Natural model with some very nice upgrades.

This rowing machine has the same WaterRower quality that you’ve grown accustom to with handcrafted hardwood, premium stain and Danish oil finish. You also get the patented WaterFlywheel that provides the undeniable rowing feel and emulates the dynamics of a boat moving through water. You also get WaterRower’s best console in the S4 Performance Monitor that provides you with easy-to-use controls and advanced features to track your workout statistics. You can even connect to third party products to compete against other connected users. The main difference with the Xeno Muller Signature Series model are upgrades on the handles and seat that will put you in a more comfortable and realistic rowing position.

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Technical Info:WaterRower-Rowing-Machine-Signature-Edition-Xeno-Muller-with-S4-Monitor


  • Length: 82.25”
  • Width: 22.25”
  • Height: 20”
  • Item weight: 66.5 lbs (empty)/ 103.5 lbs (full)
  • Max user weight: >700 lbs


  • Greater and safer enjoyment of rowing for a lifetime.
  • Hand crafted in solid Ash and strained Honey Oak for consistency of color.
  • Hand finished with Danish Oil giving a deep luster and warmth to the wood.
  • Xeno Muller’s signature vinyl on both the left and right rails.
  • Wider 17” handle for added comfort especially for those with broad shoulders.
  • Lower foot rests for added comfort and greater reach.
  • A personal frame by frame stroke analysis and technical exercise list by Xeno Muller, Elite Rowing Coach, Olympic Gold and Silver medalist.
  • Access through Xeno Muller’s website to over 50 hours of fun rowing workouts.
  • Also includes home training DVD, owner’s manual, syphon pump, purification tablets and Allen key.
  • Maximum user height: Up to 37” inseam

Computer Features:

  • Series 4 Performance Monitor.
  • Many standard features including:
    • QuickStart Feature
    • QuickSelect Feature
    • AutoStore Feature
    • AutoPreview Function
    • Zone and ZoneBar Features
    • Distance Workout Feature
    • Duration Workout Feature
    • Interval Workout Feature
    • PC Interface that allows you to connect to 3rd party and open source software like WaterRower’s Online Rowing Community, WebRacing and WaterCoach FIT.
  • Many advanced features including:
    • Manual Workouts Setting Storage
    • Manual Workout Settings Retrieval
    • Projected Duration
    • Projected Duration
    • Power/Recovery Ratio
    • Advanced Heart Rate Analysis
    • Prognostics
    • Set Tank Volume
    • Total Machine Distance


  • Frame: 5 years
  • Components: 3 years

Shipping and Assembly:

Shipping costs will vary for the WaterRower Xeno Muller Signature Series depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you prefer. However, some retailers, such as Amazon.com, will provide free shipping.

There are only about ten steps in the assembly process. You’ll need to connect the two side rails, the rear spacer, the seat, footboard and the tank assembly. The packaging comes with fully detailed assembly instructions and the tools necessary to complete the process. In all, assembly should take 45-60 minutes.

What We Love About the WaterRower Xeno Muller Signature Series:

Quality & Design

When you think of a quality rowing machine, few manufacturers come to mind as quickly as WaterRower. The Xeno Muller Signature Series is made of verified sustainable ash hardwood from the Appalachian Mountain region of the United States. It is then handcrafted, like all WaterRower machines, in Rhode Island and finished using Honey Oak stain and Danish oil giving it a deep penetrating luster. On top of the quality construction, the Xeno Muller Signature Series has some upgrades from the standard design. These include a wider 17” handle and lower foot rests for added comfort, greater reach and a more ergonomic rowing position. WaterRower also provides a very good warranty with a 5 year guarantee on the frame and 3 years on its components.

S4 Performance Monitor

The S4 Performance Monitor is WaterRower’s top of the line console. It has all of the basic monitor functions like intensity (m/s, mph, /500m, /2km, watts, cal/hr) as well as distance in meters, kilometers, miles, and stroke count. It has timed workouts, distance workouts, interval workouts and heart rate features. The S4 also has advanced features like program storage, projected duration and distance, heart rate prognostics, 2km test prognostics and even tank volume settings. One of the best features of all, however, is the PC compatibility that will allow you to connect to programs like WaterRower’s Online Rowing Community, WebRacing and WaterCoach FIT. This is a top notch monitor that will give you a unique exercising experience every time.

Other Considerations:

The Xeno Muller Signature Series comes with the ability to track your heart rate, but it doesn’t provide it with the initial cost. If you want this option, you’ll need to make the purchases on your own. You’ll need to buy a heart rate receiver box for about $50 in addition to a Polar or ANT+ chest strap, depending on if you want to be connected or not.

Final Word on the WaterRower Xeno Muller Signature Series:

The Xeno Muller Signature Series rowing machine is essentially the WaterRower Natural model with a few subtle upgrades. Honestly, the upgrades are probably worth the extra $100 between the two models. This machine upgrades the handle and seat to provide a more comfortable and ergonomic rowing experience. You get the same great WaterRower quality, including the S4 Performance Monitor. We just wish WaterRower would have provided the capability to track your heart rate with the initial purchase of the machine.