Xebex Air Rower – Rowing Machine Review

Last Updated on November 27, 2022 by Jeff

Xebex Rowing MachineLet’s Get Started:

With over 30 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing traditional cardio equipment like rowing machines, indoor bikes, treadmills, as well as Crossfit-style functional fitness equipment, GetRX’d is covering a lot of bases with their Xebex offerings. A key part of the Xebex family of products is the Xebex Air Rower.  This fan rower is a quality machine, built gym-tough, but designed for the home users as well.  The damper setting allows you to change resistance from 1-10, with 10 being just as tough (or tougher) as the Concept2 Model D. Lower levels mimic water rowing near the surface with less resistance, whereas setting the Rowing Machine Reviewdamper to level 10 is similar to a deep water row and gives a much more strenuous workout.

The heavy, stable base (the whole rower is 110lbs) of the Xebex AR-1 Air Rower sits almost 2’ off of the ground making it easier to get on and off the machine. Xebex also equips the Air Rower with a very comfortable padded seat so the user will be able to row for longer periods of time. The handle is also well-padded in foam-rubber for endless comfortable pulls. According to Xebex, the row becomes smoother with each pull of the chain and we found this to be spot-on, with no jerks or pull “hicups”. Easy foldability is a strong feature here. When you’re done exercising, you can simply pull the pin under the rail, fold the Xebex Air Rower, and transport the machine for easy storage.

Note: At the moment on Amazon, Xebex is offering a bonus conditioning package with purchase of the AR-1 Air Rower. Free of charge, they throw in a back saver pad, a speed rope, a 20lb wall ball, and a 15lb slam ball. It’s a pretty good deal and really everything you’d need for a complete body conditioning workout.

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Technical Info:


Bonus conditioning pack

Xebex Air Rower Dimensions:

  • Length: 96”
  • Width: 13”
  • Height: 47”
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Max user weight: 500 lbs


  • 110lb heavy duty frame (heavier and more stable than most rowers) is built for commercial and home use.
  • 55” monorail is sure to accommodate legs of all lengths.
  • Air resistance with damper settings allows you to change resistance from 1-10.
  • Chest strap compatible, but not included.
  • Seat is 21” from ground to allow easy access on and off of the machine.
  • Extra padding on seat provides a comfortable workout.
  • Extra padding on handle ensures a no blister routine.
  • 1-touch adjustment on footing to accommodate all foot sizes.
  • Simple fold-up design cuts the horizontal size in half for easy storage. Includes wheels for easy transport.
  • Bonus pack (on Amazon): includes, back saver pad, EZ speed rope, 20 lb premium wall ball and 15 lb slam ball.

Computer Features:Xebex-Air-Rower-Condition

  • Large LCD monitor with big buttons.
  • Programs allow you to set distance, calorie or time targets.
  • Workout data includes:
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Watts
  • Calories
  • Heart Rate
  • Paddle Width


  • Frame: 5 years
  • Parts: 2 years

Shipping and Assembly:Rowing Machine Instructions

Shipping costs will vary for the Xebex Air Rower depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you prefer.

Assembly of the Xebex is really very easy (see our assembly video here). Using the instructions and tools that are included, one person can put this machine together in less than an hour.  Many of the parts come pre-assembled. Note, the rowing machine is 110lbs in the shipping box, so you may need some help getting it to the location you want to assemble it in. For assembly, it’s absolutely possible to do it alone, but having an assistant wouldn’t hurt. Once the rowing machine is assembled, moving it is easy.

What We Love About the Xebex Air Rower:Xebex-Air-Rowing-Machine-Condition-Pack


Not only is the Xebex Air Rower designed with obvious attention to quality, but it is also designed with superior comfort. The first feature I noticed was how high this rowing machine sits up off the ground. With a seat level of 21”, getting on and off of this Xebex Air Rower is a breeze. This is especially convenient for users who may be using this machine for rehabilitation purposes.

Additionally, the Air Rower comes with a thickly padded seat and handle. These two components allow you to extend you workouts and not have to worry about soreness.

Bonus Pack via Amazon

As we mentioned, as an bonus incentive (via Amazon), Xebex throws in a conditioning workout pack. When combined with 20 minutes on the Air Rower, this equipment can make for an amazing, body-toning, weight-dropping, muscle-building workout.

Other Considerations:Xebex Air Rower Folded

Heart Rate Monitoring

The computer is heart rate monitor-ready but there isn’t one included with the machine. So you’re going to need to spend a little more if you want to utilize all of this machine’s options. Not a big issue, but it would be nice to have.

Final Word on the Xebex Air Rower:

The Xebex Air rowing machine is a well-designed rowing machine that is constructed well with quality components. This fan rower is strong enough for commercial application, but designed with the comfort that a home user would love. The machine comes with a solid warranty and right now, Xebex is throwing in a bonus conditioning pack on Amazon. Since the bonus pack is worth well over $100 it’s something to consider as the Xebex Air Rower has a comparable price tag as the Concept2 Model D, but the Model D comes without the extras.

Overall, the Xebex Air Rower is a quality rower that is definitely built to last and stands up to any other fan rowers on the market. Highly recommended.

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