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Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Resistance Is Not Working

Last Updated on October 29, 2021 by JP

The Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is the most popular product in Schwinn’s recumbent bike series, owing to its affordable price tag and impressive design. 

It uses an Eddy Current Brake (ECB) resistance system that is divided into 25 levels. ECB is known as being the best form of magnetic resistance due to its ability to give a quiet and secure workout.

But, all indoor exercise bicycles can come with their own set of issues and this does not exclude magnetic resistant bikes.

This article intends to be a guide as to how you can troubleshoot your Schwinn 270’s resistance issue.

We will first examine the different reasons why your recumbent bicycle’s resistance might have become obstructed in the first place and then give a detailed guide for how you can repair the faulty magnetic resistance.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Resistance Is Not Working

Why Does The Schwinn 270 Have Problems?

Most issues are usually caused by incorrect construction, misuse of the indoor bike, or adjustments not being made right.

The Schwinn 270 gets delivered in parts and you will have to put it together. It is not difficult to assemble the bike, but you can ask for professional assistance if you have no experience with assembling fitness equipment.

It is very rare for the bike to be damaged before being used. Even so, you can contact Schwinn’s repair services to assist you. For example, you may need professional assistance if you are faced with a recumbent bike squeaking problem.

The Schwinn 270 tends to be a very reliable recumbent bike since it has such an impressive range of exercise programs, a good console, and a powerful frame at quite an affordable price. 

However, many people ask why the Schwinn 270’s resistance does not work sometimes.

What Is Magnetic Resistance In Exercise Bikes?

Magnetic resistance exercise bikes use a magnetic field to create resistance. A recumbent bike that uses magnetic resistance, will give you different simulations depending on the amounts of electric currents that pass through the wheels.

This magnetic field is either generated by internal batteries or by an electrical loop and pedaling. To alter the intensity of the magnetic field, a control panel is used for accommodating the resistance.

To generate magnetic poles, recumbent bikes use sensors on the pedal cranks and flywheel.

Magnetic resistance exercise bikes are more stable and have a greater ability to change resistance levels. For this reason, it is perfect for those who want to challenge themselves and have a high-intensity workout.

The subsequent section will first give you steps to see whether there is a resistance problem and then detail some reasons as to why your Schwinn 270 bike’s magnetic resistance is not working.

How Can I Diagnose A Magnetic Resistance Problem?

To deal with the magnetic resistance problem, you first need to determine the problem. Follow these three steps on how you can identify what is causing your recumbent bike’s magnetic resistance problem.

As a safety precaution, unplug the exercise bike before attempting to remove any parts. Remove the pedals, but check that the threads are not being affected by this action.

After the pedals have been removed, you can remove the side shield to reveal the flywheel.

Lastly, scrutinize the bike’s magnets. Make certain that the magnets are aligned. If necessary, you can tighten or loosen the bolts. 

Loose Bolts And Screws

If you use your magnetic resistance exercise bike often, the bolts and screws tend to loosen.

A magnetic resistance recumbent bike operates with a flywheel that interferes with two separate magnets.

As there is interference with the two magnets, it forces you to apply more pressure when using the paddling on the recumbent bike.

Loose bolts and screws cause the positioning of the magnets to shift. When the magnets become affected, the bike’s resistance will also be affected.

schwinn 270 recumbent bike resistance not working

Loss Of Resistance

When you notice that your Schwinn 270 bike has lost resistance, then one of the magnets might have been displaced from its correct position. When a magnet is misplaced, it starts to lose resistance.

This can usually be fixed by placing it back to its position and ensuring that it is secured.

The loss of resistance can also be due to a small change in the gearbox’s tension cable that has caused the magnetic bar to be affected.

When magnetic resistance exercise bikes experience any problems, it usually requires professional assistance to fix them.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to repair your Schwinn 270 reclining bike. Read the next section to see how you can fix your Schwinn 270’s magnetic resistance problem.

How Can I Fix My Schwinn 270 Reclining Bike’s Magnetic Resistance Issues?

When it comes to issues with the resistance, you will notice something is wrong by how you are pedaling the recumbent bike.

For example, if you pedal the bike, it may feel either too easy or too difficult. This is a resistance problem.

When it comes to resistance, you must be aware that it is an adjustable feature of the bike. For this reason, you can do adjustments to the resistance that accords with your fitness preferences.

It should be noted that this solution will only relate to the Schwinn 270. There is also an article on the Nordictrack recumbent bike troubleshooting.

The Solution

Firstly, the tool that is required is a hex key or Allen key.

Secondly, you must detect where the bike’s resistance is situated. The Schwinn 270 reclining bike’s resistance is located behind the case that covers its parts.

Looking behind the pedals, there are two small nuts that hold the case together. Loosen the two nuts and remove the case. You will then uncover a secured, larger nut.

You can then insert the hex key or Allen key to adjust the nut. Once you have loosened up the nut, you can move the bike’s assembly up and down to either bring it closer or further away from the flywheel.

Simultaneously, you can adjust the resistance on the screen. Be aware that level 16 is the highest level of resistance that the Schwinn 270 can offer.

You can also experiment with the resistance levels if you find level 16 to be too challenging.

In this way, the magnets are being moved closer to the flywheel to increase the resistance as you pedal.

It is advised to not let the magnets touch the flywheel.

If the resistance is completely gone – meaning you keep on pedaling with no opposing force from the bike – then there is a faulty servo motor. The servo motor controls the resistance by interacting with magnets on the wheel.

If you still struggle to figure out the problem, you may need to opt for in-person assistance. You can look for a place that is selling Schwinn bikes. 

If your recumbent exercise bike is new and the recumbent exercise bike parts need to be replaced, you can contact Schwinn and see what can be done under the bike’s warranty.

schwinn 270 recumbent bike problems

How To Maintain Your Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike

You can prevent any problem with regards to your recumbent bicycle by doing a regular maintenance routine.

A maintenance routine will also assist you in detecting any potential problems in your recumbent bike before they can become worse.

Try to implement the following maintenance routine on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Wipe the bicycle down with a dry, soft cloth to remove dust. Steer away from harsh liquids. 
  • Inspect the sensors’ accuracy by comparing it with a different monitor. For example, measure your heart rate with both the bike’s sensor and a separate sensor. Then see how they compare with each other.
  • Look at the recumbent bike pedal straps and pedals. The pedals should not be loose on the stationary bike. See whether there are any issues with the straps.
  • Lubricate the pedals, motor, and flywheel.
  • Use disinfecting wipes to clean the bike to ward off any dirt or dust build-up. It is best to clean it after you have used it. Do not forget to clean the recumbent bike seat cover.

Final Thoughts

It is very rare for the Schwinn 270 recumbent bike to have any problems. Even if there are problems, they can be easily fixed.

We gave a detailed explanation of why the Schwinn 270 can be having resistance problems, as well as solutions to repair it.

It is advised to always use your bike with care and to do a standard maintenance procedure.

FAQs (Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Resistance Not Working)

Why Should I Buy A Recumbent Bike?

If you struggle with lower back problems and joint issues, then a recumbent bike is the ideal exercise equipment for you. It is a great form of exercise that will be gentle on your joints and lower back.

It is also recommended for those who are recovering from injury or surgery.

A recumbent bike can also give you an excellent cardio workout if your only goal is to lose weight or to become more fit.

schwinn recumbent bike no resistance

Is The Schwinn 270 A Difficult Bike To Use?

The answer is no.

It is an easy bike to use, even if you are not accustomed to a reclining bike. It allows you to sit in a comfortable position while pedaling.

The only part of the bike that is difficult is its assembly. However, it does not have to be difficult. You just need to garner enough patients and have a good look at the instructions in the user’s manual.

Can You Lose Weight With A Recumbent Bike?

Yes, because a recumbent bike makes you work out your entire body.

A recumbent bike tones your body and helps get rid of excess weight.

It improves other bodily functions, such as strength and mobility in your legs and lower back. It is also a great workout for losing belly fat.

Your upper back and hands will probably get the least amount of exercise when you use the bicycle. 

With that being said, you can still lose weight through the frequent use of the recumbent bike. To make the best of the workout, it is recommended to do intense training sessions and pair them with a healthy diet.

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