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Get into the habit of taking good care of your physical, emotional, mental, social, financial, and spiritual needs.

Self-care isn’t just a buzzword used by clever marketers to sell products. It’s a way of life and an intimate form of healthcare. Self-care involves putting your needs first before tending to the other people in your life. It’s essentially like placing the oxygen mask over your own face before putting it on your fellow seatmate. If you’re not physically and mentally capable of handling things in your own life, you won’t be much help to the people who depend on you most.

How Self-Care Helps You

With that being said, there are many ways that good self-care benefits your fitness routine. From allowing you to make better monetary investments in good health to the way you feel inside when you’re able to run longer, complete a difficult lift or notice weight loss on the scales, there is a lot to be said about caring for one’s self. Doing so will significantly change your life and the way you feel about exercising, too.

Examples of Self-Care Practices for You to Try Right Away

Self-care needn’t be expensive or complicated to be effective. It’s not just for wealthy people or new age gurus. It builds on the relationship you have with yourself by making your needs a priority.

Here are some self-care practices that complement your fitness routine:

  • Eating a variety of healthy foods that nourish your body. Getting the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you need on a daily basis helps your body thrive. It allows you to perform optimally at the gym and gives you the fuel needed for strength, stamina, and endurance. By carefully selecting the foods you will eat throughout the day, you’re investing in your health and future. You’re also making it easier to see results at the gym because you’re not eating things that cause weight gain or poor health.
  • Making water your go-to beverage to drink. Clear, calorie-free, and hydrating, H2O benefits the body in many ways. Among the most obvious is how it helps flush out toxins and impurities. It also helps with respiration and makes you feel full longer. Drinking water prevents you from becoming dehydrated which could affect your health and ability to think rationally. It also replenishes lost fluids while sweating during a workout.
  • Getting a good night’s rest. When you sleep well, your body and mind benefit. After all, how do you expect to do the things you do without rest? Although it’s possible to cut back on sleep, it isn’t advisable. You need rest to recover from the physical and mental demands of the day. Set yourself up with good sleep habits so that you’ll be ready to get up in the morning and be physically active. You’ll embrace the day with open-mindedness and be able to get past any challenges that are presented to you with ease and grace.
  • Engaging in team sports. Joining your workplace softball team or a rec center sports team satisfies several of your needs. Not only does it allow you to get extra physical activity into your day, it lets you be social and gives you a sense of purpose as you’re recognized for your contribution to the team’s success. It’s a great way to get to know the people you work with or the community you live in.
  • Meditating. Taking a few minutes daily to free your mind of thoughts and to breathe deeply helps your mental health as well as your physical self. Not only does meditating help you live more mindfully, it makes it so you have a go-to stress reliever wherever you go. There are no specific tools needed to practice meditation, either, making it a wise choice for you. You just need a comfortable place to sit and a distraction-free environment to practice in.
  • Taking up a hobby. Having something that you’re passionate about helps further your goals and teaches you a lot about discipline. It gives you a reason to pursue your interests and work to achieve all the knowledge and skills that you possibly can. Hobbies can make you better at setting and surpassing your fitness goals, too. That’s a win-win by any estimation! Your hobby may be something that improves your health so much that it shows in the gym.
  • Spending time with loving and supportive people. Your inner circle provides you with the love and support that you need to thrive. They’re the first to be on board with you while you make changes in your life, and they’re there to remind you of all the wonderful things you’re capable of doing at all times. If you want people to cheer you on as you meet your fitness goals, you’re in luck. You’ve been assembling a team of incredible people with every meeting that you have with them. They’re already cheering you on because they know that your success is theirs, too.

Get in the habit of exercising your right to self-care. It will ultimately improve your quality of life in many areas. You’ll feel more fulfilled as a human being because you’ll have been able to achieve more, too, with the love and support of your favorite people.

The suggestions listed above are meant to provide you with inspiration. You can always add other ideas to the list and elect to do those instead of what was mentioned here. Ultimately, you know what is best for your body and what excites your mind.

Take Good Care of All Your Needs Not Just the Physical Ones

Self-care is a form of healthcare initiated by you. Take time out of your busy schedule to care for yourself in an intimate way. It will enhance the quality of your life and make your fitness routine even better than it was before. When you take good care of yourself, you set the standard high for everyone else that enters your life. They’ll be more inclined to treat you well, too, and may even be inspired by your journey to greater health.