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Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Last Updated on October 29, 2021 by Jeff

A recumbent exercise bike is a great asset to any home gym. There are various recumbent bike styles to choose from, and one of these is the semi-recumbent exercise bike.

The semi-recumbent design allows you to get on and off the bike more easily than a regular recumbent, and exercise those abs and leg muscles in comfort. 

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But without sacrificing the awesome benefits of a great cardio workout.

We have reviewed four bikes in this category, each with its own unique features and benefits, to help you find a semi-recumbent exercise bike that best meets your needs. 

Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Semi-Recumbent Stationary Bikes (Our Review) 

Bodycraft R18 Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike (Best Commercial-Grade Bike)

The Bodycraft R18 is a commercial grade recumbent exercise bike with a strong 4mm thick steel frame. A ‘walk through’ design facilitates easy entry and exit of the bike.

Floorspace will not be an issue, even in a small apartment, as it is only 48” long.The width is 21” and it stands 39” high.

Perfect for the whole family as the seat is easily adjustable for users of different heights. Another plus is that the maximum user weight capacity of 350 lbs is higher than most bikes. 

The console has a recovery program that includes a fitness test that monitors your fitness level and provides you with a score. This will assist you to reach your fitness goals.

The two-color digital display gives readouts of your time spent exercising, rpm, distance cycled, 

pulse rate, calorie expenditure, and cycling speed. 

To vary the intensity of your workout, there are 16 levels of magnetic resistance. Four customizable user programs are available in addition to the 12 preset programs.

You’ll work out in comfort thanks to the high-density foam of the backrest, and the seat is oversized to accommodate larger users.

Transporting this bike is no problem, as transport wheels are included.

There is a warranty that covers light commercial use ( which means up to 5 hours of use per day) of 1 year on labor, 1 year on parts, and a lifetime warranty on the frame. 

The home use warranty is also a lifetime warranty on the frame and 1 year on labor, but 3 years on parts.


  • Perfect for small spaces due to its compact design
  • Higher maximum user weight capacity than most bikes of this type
  • Suitable for home use as well as light commercial use


  • No media holder

Fitness Reality R8000 High Capacity Programmable Recumbent Exercise Bike With Air Tech Seat (Best Bike For Comfort)

The Fitness Reality R8000 has been designed to be exceptionally comfortable. If you suffer from back problems this may be the bike for you.

The bike’s dimensions are 54” l x 22 “ w x 34” h. It weighs 63 lbs and has a maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs.

This machine is adjustable for users between 5’3” and 6’3” tall, which is useful if other members of the family will also be using it.

There are 8 levels of magnetic tension.

Readings of your time, distance cycled, RPM, and calorie expenditure are shown on the digital display. Heart rate is calculated with information received from the built-in hand pulse sensors.

You can be entertained or stay in contact with friends and family while you work out. The console includes a media holder which can accommodate an Ipad, tablet, mobile phone, or book. 

A large contoured backrest, wide seat with 3.5” thick cushioning, and cushioned armrests all contribute to greater comfort and support while working out. 

Another superb feature is the ‘Air Tech’ seat which will remain cool even after hours of use.

The ‘walk through’ design allows for easier entry and exit of the machine and the wide pedals fitted with safety straps, keep your feet securely in place.

You’ll be able to work out without disturbing other members of your household, as the Fitness Reality R8000 operates quietly.

There is a 1-year limited warranty


  • Very comfortable backrest, seat, and armrests
  • ‘Air Tech’ seat keeps you cool while you work out
  • A convenient media holder for your Ipad, tablet, mobile phone, or book
  • ‘Walk through’ design makes it easy to get on and off the bike


  • Limited warranty of only 1 year


HCI Fitness PhysioCycle RXT-900 Recumbent Bike (Best Hybrid Recumbent Bike, our top pick )

The HCI RXT Recumbent Elliptical Bike is a fantastic combination of a semi-recumbent exercise bike and an elliptical/stepper machine. You’re guaranteed to have a challenging, total body workout with this combo.

This hybrid machine has a steel frame with an adjustable aluminum seat rail, measures  60” l x 25“ w x 52“ h and has a partial walk-through design.

The maximum user weight capacity of this machine is 300 lbs.

Suitable for the entire family, this machine is adjustable for users between 4’10” and 6’3” tall, 

Eight levels of tension are provided by Eddy current electromagnetic resistance. To adjust the tension levels, the bike has to be plugged in. But a power adapter is included.

The LCD gives readings of time spent exercising, speed, distance, calorie expenditure, and pulse rate. The speed and distance readings are indicated in imperial units only.

Seven preset programs are featured on the console display as well as fitness goals and recovery modes.

Fixed handlebars are attached to the seat assembly, and a pair of bi-directional movable handlebars are attached to the console station. 

Built-in pulse sensors in the movable bars will relay your pulse rate information to the digital display. 

The padded seat has a tubular steel frame and is adjustable to 11 different positions. Thick cushioning in the backrest provides comfort and support. 

Your risk of injury is reduced by the non-slip pedals with safety straps.

Transport wheels allow for easy movement of the machine.

A convenient bottle holder is included.

There is a lifetime warranty on the frame, 3 years mechanical and electrical, and 1 year on labor.


  • Recumbent bike/elliptical/stepper combo
  • Accommodates users between 4’10’ and 6’3” tall
  • There are two sets of handlebars. One pair of fixed bars, and one pair movable


  • Has to be plugged in to adjust the tension
  • Only a partial ‘walk through’

Pleny Foldable Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike With Full High Backrest (Best For Small Apartments)

The Pleny foldable semi-recumbent exercise bike is a great choice if you have a small apartment.

This bike has a durable steel frame that folds down for convenient storage built-in wheels assist with moving the bike to other areas of your home. 

Good news if you would like to store your bike when it’s not in use, or just want to keep it out of sight when you have guests.

The bike’s dimensions are 36” l x 16.5” w x 46” h and it’s available in your choice of gray or red. 

It weighs 48 lbs and has a maximum user weight capacity of 330 lbs. Minimal assembly is required.

You’ll have a choice of 8 levels of magnetic resistance. Pulse rate sensors in the handgrips transmit your heart rate to the console.

The monitor displays readings for time, cycling speed, distance cycled, and calorie expenditure. Another useful feature is the backlit screen for nighttime use.

Non-slip pedals and foot straps enable you to pedal safely.

You’ll enjoy more comfort while exercising with a high backrest and cushioned seat.

Heavier users will be happy that the wide comfortable seat is also reinforced. 


  • Lightweight and foldable. Easy to transport and store
  • Easy to get on and off


  • No hi-tech features

semi recumbent exercise bike reviews


When choosing the right bike for you, keep your own particular requirements in mind.

If you are looking for a basic, ‘no-frills’ exercise bike that will fit into small spaces, the Pleny bike would be great for you. It is a fairly lightweight recumbent bike that also folds down for storage and transportation. 

You’ll want the comfort of the Fitness Reality R8000 if you are a senior, suffer from back pain, or have other medical issues that affect your mobility.

The Bodycraft R18 would be suitable for you if you operate a small gym or have a large family and they all want to use the machine.

In this review of semi-recumbent exercise bikes, our top pick is The HCI RXT-900. It gives you workout versatility with the option of recumbent cycling as well as elliptical and stepper capabilities, guaranteed to maximize your workout.

Semi-recumbent exercise bikes (FAQ

What is the difference between upright, recumbent, and semi-recumbent exercise bikes?

An upright exercise bike is designed much like a traditional bicycle, whereas a recumbent stationary bike lets you work out while in a reclined position, with your legs extended in front rather than below you. 

A semi-recumbent exercise bike is a hybrid of the conventional upright exercise bike and fully recumbent exercise bike. It enables the user to climb on and off with greater ease than a conventional recumbent bike.

Who are semi-recumbent bikes good for?

Users who suffer from back pain or joint issues, the elderly, and anyone who needs comfort and support while exercising, will benefit from using these bikes.

The use of a semi-recumbent bike is often recommended as part of a rehabilitation program for injured athletes. Rehabilitation therapists favor hybrid elliptical recumbent bikes for people recovering from sports injuries.

semi recumbent stationary bicycle

Do semi-recumbent bikes give a good workout?

Semi-recumbent stationary bikes are very comfortable and easy to use yet still give you a great cardio workout. 

Hybrid models are available that can be used as elliptical or stepper machines. There are several recumbent stepper bikes on the market, and they are loved by fitness enthusiasts for their workout versatility.

Can I lose weight using a semi-recumbent bike?

You will get a cardiovascular workout, tone your muscles, and burn calories while using a recumbent bike. 

With a semi-recumbent bike, you can do all of the above but with less effort and strain. The ideal piece of equipment for users who are aiming to lose weight.

You could also try a dual-action recumbent bike with fitness bands for a total body workout, also available in semi-recumbent designs.

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