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Rally up the troops to help you make your dreams a reality.

How to Start Lifting Weights

If you’re having a hard time sticking to your fitness goals, you’re not alone. Many people start a new year out with tons of resolutions that they break in short periods of time. If you don’t want to spend next year wondering why you quit so easily this year, it’s time to ask for help. With the support and assistance of a trusted team of people, you’re able to achieve everything you set out to do and in the timeframe that you declared reasonable for you.

There are many things you can do to get everyone onboard with your dreams of better physical fitness. The following suggestions are just some of the ways you can use others to your advantage. By sharing what you’ve learned along the way and being supportive of their own goals and dreams, you’re able to have a banner year when it comes to getting in and staying in shape.

Recruit a Fitness Partner

Find someone in your life to buddy up with. It could be your spouse, sibling or best friend. Even if you don’t have someone close to you to work out with, there are plenty of people online looking for accountability partners. Agree to meet up with one of them at your favorite gym or fitness center for a workout.

Spend some time getting to know your partner’s goals so you’re better able to assist them in meeting theirs. Knowing that you’re not alone in your pursuit for better health and fitness is very motivating. You won’t make excuses not to go to the gym because you know that someone else is there waiting for you to show up.

Join an Online Support Group

Finding a group of likeminded people online is much easier today than it was ten years ago. You’ll find fitness-related groups on most social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. There are also communities throughout the internet with message boards and support groups that you can join for free.

You can share your struggles, successes, and setbacks with people who understand what it’s like to do things imperfectly. There is no fear of judgment, either, because each person’s journey differs from yours. Your common goals are the same and that is what makes being part of a group like this very empowering.

Hire a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer costs money. If recruiting family and friends to work out with you doesn’t work for you, sink some finances into hiring a professional. Nothing gets you out of bed in the morning than knowing that you’ve spent money on a personal trainer.

The fitness expert provides advice and exercises that help you burn fat and blast through your fitness goals. Having them by your side throughout the year accelerates the pace in which you achieve your goals. Even if you do have a dedicated team of fitness enthusiasts at your whim, know that a personal trainer can kick things up a notch by providing you with personalized training that meets your body’s changing needs.

Tips for Setting Up a Workout Schedule That Works for You

Among the most important things you will do once you’ve rallied the troops to help you meet your fitness goals is to come up with a workout schedule that works for you. If an accountability buddy is necessary for your success, you’ll need to come to a consensus as to when and where you’ll meet up as well as how often you’ll spend time working out together.

Be realistic about your obligations and don’t overbook your schedule. There’s nothing more disappointing than having a family member or friend go to the gym, wait for you to arrive, and realize you’re cancelling on them. Remember, that you’re there to support them every bit as much as they’re there to support you.

Here are some other ideas that will help you out:

  • Try to stick to the same time of day. That way, your habit sticks the same way eating meals and brushing your teeth does. You won’t need to find a way to make time for exercise. You’ll know exactly what time of day works best for you and do what you need to do to protect the time you’ve allotted for working out. It also helps others plan their day around yours easier.
  • Keep your workout clothes with you so you can go to the gym immediately after work. That way, you don’t need to go all the way home to get ready to go to the gym. You can arrive, change into your workout clothes, and get busy. Even if you don’t have a car to stash your bag in, you can easily keep a change of clothing in a backpack that you carry to work with you.
  • If you can’t make it to the gym, arrange to exercise outdoors for any length of time. Any form of movement is better than none. You can find plenty of things to do outdoors with your buddy or physical trainer. Take advantage of outdoor surroundings and nature’s gym. You won’t regret the time you spent outside burning calories.
  • Sign up for a team sport. Another way to gain the support of others is to join a sports team. You can play with your workmates or for the community you live or work in. There are many ways to get involved and you’ll have the added benefit of having other players and fans rooting you on. If you’re not willing to work out, you may not help lead your team to success.

Even if you have the busiest schedule of anyone you know, you can still devote a specific amount of time to working out. By following the tips listed above, you’re able to eliminate any of the excuses that come your way. You’ll be ready to go to the gym at all times, and even when you can’t make it there, you’ll spend time outdoors working on conditioning your body and readying it for greatness.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize and Don’t Give Up This Year

You can hire a personal trainer, find someone new to work out with, and even make it a family affair by arranging activities that emphasize physical fitness for you to do together with your loved ones. The point is that if you move enough and make exercise a priority, you’ll be closer to meeting your fitness goals every day. You won’t wake up on January 1st regretting the fact that you seldom worked out or gave up on exercise before you were able to see measurable results.