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Sticking With Your Exercise Routine While You Travel

Last Updated on May 23, 2017 by Jeff

Exercise While TravelingThe weather is warming up and summer is right around the corner. Between spring break, Easter holidays, and summer vacation, chances are you’ll be doing some traveling in the next few months. Unfortunately for fitness fiends, traveling and exercising don’t always go hand in hand. Many people use vacations and traveling as an excuse to skip working out for a week or so and eat whatever they want. Here are some tips for sticking with an exercise routine while you travel.

Wake Up Early

The chances that you’ll want to work out after a full day of touring and sightseeing are slim to none. Getting up early on vacation is difficult, but it’s likely the only way you’ll actually do it. You are traveling, so you don’t need to commit an hour of your day to working out. Just thirty minutes a day will help you maintain your fitness level without taking up too much time.

Go for a Run

Not on the hotel treadmill. Get outside and go for a run, jog, or walk. This is a great way to explore and get familiar with a new city. You may even discover a brunch place or coffee shop to visit after your workout. If you’re in a more rural area, you’ll get to see some beautiful scenery and even watch the sunrise if you’re up early enough. 

Utilize Bodyweight Exercises

While many hotels have gyms, it’s not always the case. Plus, they may be small, overcrowded, or not well stocked. Having a few routines that solely utilize your bodyweight will ensure you can exercise no matter where you are. Squats, lunges, burpees, pushups, sit-ups, and a basic plank will provide you with an effective full-body workout you can do in a hotel room.

Take a Class

Classes are a great way to exercise, especially if you prepay for them, since you’ll feel guilty about skipping it. Check Groupon or call around to a few studios in the area to see if they have any deals for first-time visitors. You may be able to try that barre or kickboxing class you’ve been thinking about doing at home.

Do Something Different

You don’t have to stick with the same old exercises you do at home when you’re on the road. If you have the chance to try something new, go for it! It’s especially great if you can incorporate exercise into your travel and touring plans. Go on a hike, take a surfing or stand up paddleboard lesson, or bike around the city.

Balance Your Diet

While this isn’t exactly an exercise tip, it’s still important to focus on your diet while you’re traveling to help you stay in shape. You don’t want to miss out on great foods while you’re away, but you also don’t want to get completely derailed by eating doughnuts every morning. Try sticking with the 4-1 ratio. For every one unhealthy thing you eat, you should eat four healthy things. That way, you’re eating healthy foods 80 percent of the time, but not depriving yourself of a little fun.

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