Pro Leg Stretcher by TMAS Review

Last Updated on October 12, 2019 by Jeff

pro leg stretcher

Pro Leg Stretcher Overview:

One of the most popular leg stretchers on the market, the Pro Leg Stretcher is sturdy and durable, is seriously simple to use, comes ready-assembled and at great value for your money.  If you’re looking to improve your splits with the help of some simple yet effective technology, look no further than this stretching machine.

A splits machine with a rock solid frame, the Pro Leg Stretcher’s padded seat and leg rests allow you to stretch in comfort, and the steering wheel mechanism gives you total incremental control over the maneuver. It helps you to push your body’s limits gradually, lengthening your muscles, and maximizing the efficiency of the exercise, but safely so.

Some people think leg stretcher machines are some kind of shortcut or even “cheating”, and that only unaided stretch work is the way to go. Well, let them debate that while you improve your flexibility by leaps and bounds with a solid leg machine like this one.

Done properly, stretching enhances your flexibility by incrementally controlled lengthening of the muscle fibers. If you’re looking to maximize the impact of stretching on your legs post and pre-workout, or if you’re looking to improve your range of movement for athletic performance as well as the multitude of health benefits, the TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher is one of the best leg stretchers out there.  In fact, you can’t really beat it.

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Pro Leg Split Machine

Technical Info:

  • Weight: 38.5 lbs (17.5 kg)


  • Able to stretch beyond 180 degrees
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Padded seat and leg rests
  • Adjustable back support
  • Simple steering wheel system
  • Stop latch to allow you to reach and hold your optimum stretch slowly and safely


  • None offered

Shipping and Assembly:

Want some great news? The Pro Leg Stretcher comes pretty much fully-assembled. All you need to do is attach the steering wheel (a 60 second job, if that) so you can start stretching whenever you’re ready.

What We Love About thePro Leg Stretcher Stretch Machine TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher

Leg Stretch Wheel Control

The steering wheel mechanism that controls the degree to which you want to (or can) stretch is incredibly easy to use, provides you with absolute control over the exercise, and operates smoothly with no resistance or sudden jerks.

Adjustable Back

Another plus of the TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher is its adjustable back. With this, you can adjust the back support to find what feels most comfortable for you, whether that’s an upright position, a full recline, or somewhere in the middle. With this piece of stretching equipment, you are in total control.

What Isn’t So Great

Bodies May Vary

For some the pads have proven uncomfortable on the upper legs. This isn’t a problem many have encountered, but enough for us to mention. Everyone’s body is different and some extra padding may be required on any leg stretcher.

Final Word on the Pro Leg Stretcher

The Pro Leg Stretcher is a simple device that promises great results. It’s a solid investment coming in at a competitive price, with its sturdy frame proving to stand the test of time.  It can really help you achieve increased flexibility within the leg and hip areas over time.

With a splits machine like the Pro Leg Stretcher a 180 degree splits stretch may not seem like such an impossible dream after a few weeks of work.

Click here to see the price of the Pro Leg Stretcher on Amazon.


This is a video of a stretch machine comparison: