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ProForce Stretchmaster II Leg Stretcher Review

Last Updated on October 12, 2019 by Jeff

ProForce StretchmasterOverview:

The ProForce Stretchmaster II Leg Stretcher is specially designed to allow you the optimum amount of stretching of the leg and hip areas. Whether you’re looking to improve your flexibility and elasticity to give you the edge in a competitive sport, do the splits, or are merely looking for a leg stretcher to increase your range of movement and the suppleness of your limbs and joints, the ProForce Stretchmaster II is solid piece of equipment to consider and can definitely help achieve your personal goals.

The ProForce Stretchmaster II is incredibly simple to use, and you have full control over the intensity and length of the stretches you complete on it, as the steering wheel control mechanism allows you to choose how far you stretch, so it’s up to you to find your own limit.

With padded leg rests and seat, you may even find using the ProForce Stretchmaster stretching machine a relaxing, possibly even therapeutic means to achieving your desired level of flexibility.

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Technical Info:

  • Weight: 50 lbs (22.7 kg) (approx.)

Features:ProForce Stretchmaster

  • Able to stretch beyond 180 degrees
  • Very sturdy, tubular steel construction
  • Padded seat and leg supports
  • Adjustable back support
  • Easy to use, detachable steering wheel system
  • Stop latch to allow you to reach and hold your optimum stretch safely


Regarding the warranty, I spoke with the manufacturers and they said, “if the Stretchmaster is received damaged or becomes damaged after 30 days of normal use we can accept the product back for an exchange or a refund for the product.”

Shipping and Assembly:

Some assembly required: you need to attach the steering wheel part yourself but that’s easy enough, even without an instruction manual.

ProForce Stretchmaster Stretch MachineWhat We Love About the ProForce Stretchmaster II Leg Stretcher

Leg Stretch Control

You have all the control over the stretches you do (which could be a good or bad thing, depending on your level of motivation and willingness to push yourself). The steering wheel system allows you to stretch your legs gradually and safely – whether pushing yourself into the stretch or returning from it, the Stretchmaster II allows you to do this slowly to prevent unexpected, painful or jerky movements. The stop latch is great as well as it allows you to hold your position easily and for however long you like, unlike several other leg stretchers on the market.

Incremental Leg Stretching Machine

The major selling point of the ProForce Stretchmaster II splits machine is the consistent results you can achieve. Used regularly, you will easily be able to recognize the extent of which your stretching ability has improved. One of the great ways of achieving this is by increasing the degrees of your stretch little and often, which is feasible by turning the wheel tiny increments further at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be halfway (or more!) to the splits.

What Isn’t So Great

Leg Rests Not Adjustable

If you’re a fairly tall user, you may find the ProForce Stretchmaster II to be uncomfortable, as the leg rests, although padded, aren’t adjustable, meaning those with longer legs may not benefit from the support they offer. Even if you’re not particularly tall, if you find the leg supports aren’t in the ideal place for you personally, there isn’t anything you can do to alter them. This is a real shame given the effectiveness of the stretcher and the success it can offer, but you can counter some issues with the discomfort of the padding by avoiding wearing shorts or thin material on your legs when you work out.

Strange Packaging

The packaging is a little confusing. Reports from some customers are that the stretcher’s parts are wrapped in plastic and then, strangely, it is assembled with the wrap stuck on, so you may actually have to disassemble the ready-assembled leg stretcher to get all the wrapping off.

Final Word on the ProForce Stretchmaster II Leg Stretching Machine

The ProForce Stretchmaster II leg stretching machine is a great piece of equipment for improving the flexibility of your legs and joints and is, overall, one of the best leg stretchers on the market, suffering from the same flaw of possessing non-adjustable leg supports as many of its rivals. That said, for most users the Stretchmaster II does all but guarantee results.

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This guy is using a ProForce Stretchmaster split flexibility machine to improve his split degrees for Brazilian jiu jitsu:



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