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The 2016 State of the Supplements

Last Updated on April 22, 2016 by TFM Staff

SupplementsDebates rage as to what we may or may not need to supplement our diets. What are the right vitamins, minerals, oils, proteins to have in our diets and what are we missing? Can you simply get what you need if you eat a healthy diet? Can you get what you need even with an unhealthy diet (doubtful)?

Supplements are Everywhere

These are the questions that people are asking themselves every day when they pass the vitamins and supplements aisles of their local store. And that’s another thing.. we are surrounded by vitamins now. You can find them staring at you in your grocery store, pharmacy, convenience store, gas station, not to mention the gym or actual vitamin and supplement retail stores like GNC or The Vitamin Shoppe. And you can find even more online. We’re inundated with supply, and there’s obviously a lot of demand that keeps these shops going. But nobody seems to have a handle on what we really need.

So what are the basics? What are the enhancers? What do we really need?

It all seems to come down to your own personal body and lifestyle. We’re entering an age where we are recognizing one size does not fit all… at all. And with a little digging, you’ll see that not all supplements were created equally with the same quality or effects.

The truth is, there is a constellation of supplements on the market and libraries full of research on what our bodies need. The trick is sifting through all of the hype and seeing what is essential. We’re interested in this and want to share our finding with you. Thanks for joining and please subscribe to our email list here so we can make sure you get the latest information and articles as we deliver them.

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