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Sometimes, the presence of other people can be distracting.


There are many instances where you’ll work out alone. For example, you may have just moved to an area and don’t know a soul. Exercising provides you with the opportunity to meet new people and make friends who you later work out with. Or, you travel a lot and have learned that deviating from your routine makes jet lag worse. You look forward to hitting the gym in another area because it offers different equipment and a chance to scope out nearby surroundings. There’s something really exciting about doing something you’ve never done before in a place you’ve never been before.

Whatever the case may be, know that working out alone isn’t the end of the world. In fact, you may find it refreshing after being around people all the time. It may provide you with a safe space to explore new forms of exercise or even get you to go outdoors and explore a new park or walking trail. No matter what, it contributes to your growth as a person so embrace those moments of solitude and the lessons that they bring to your fitness journey. You’ll be better for the experience and able to handle any obstacle you encounter during your exercise routine.

Why Working Out Alone is Ideal

You exercise because it makes your body feel good and keeps you at a normal weight. It helps you build muscle and naturally combat stress. Having people to interact with while working out is a bonus but not a necessity. As long as you’re continuing to strive toward your fitness goals, it doesn’t matter if you’re going at it alone or with a bunch of other people. In fact, you may find it easier to work out by yourself, on your own terms, and wherever you are.

Some of the positives of working out alone are:

  • Being able to work out anytime. When you work out with another person, you’re subjected to their scheduling. You need to come to a consensus as to what time works best for the two of you. When you work out alone, you don’t have that issue. If getting up early is your thing, you can without a second thought. If a midnight workout is all you can manage, you’re not putting anyone else out by asking them to meet up with you late. Having complete control of your schedule allows you to experiment with different times of the day to work out. It helps you determine when your body best responds to the physical activity it is getting. This helps you accelerate weight loss by blasting fat, burning calories, and building muscle.
  • Choosing the location of your workouts. If you like to change things up, you can without disagreement. You can gym hop or even spend the afternoon working out among nature. You have options. You’ll be able to do one activity one day and another the next which is great if you like variety in your workouts. If you travel, you’re openminded about the different places you can work out, too. That means fewer excuses and more movement! Part of the fun of working out solo is that you can go anywhere you want to exercise. It’s exciting to think that you could be in one location one day and a new location the next.
  • Deciding which workout is the most beneficial for your body that day. You alone have that choice. Not someone else. You can have a leg day, an arm day or an ab day whenever you want. Just like being able to work out whenever and wherever you want, being able to choose the types of exercises you engage in is empowering. It also provides you with the opportunity to meet new people if you choose to do so. By switching things up regularly, you seldom get bored. Your routine doesn’t become automated. Instead, it’s invigorating because you can pick your favorite exercises to focus on.
  • Not being self-conscious when you work out on vacation. In fact, you’re so used to doing things alone that it doesn’t even faze you to go to a strange gym or yoga studio. You’re accustomed to working out alone so it doesn’t make much of a difference where you’re at. You’ll be able to go through your routine with ease indoors or outdoors. The awkward phase that many people go through when they don’t have someone they know to work out with is something you dismiss because it never really applied to you.

There are distinct positives that come with working out solo. You have greater control over your schedule, workouts, and even experience. You don’t need to deal with someone else’s bad mood or crazy schedule. You can focus strictly on your goals and what you need to do to achieve them. It’s a liberating feeling that significantly enhances your health and well-being.

Go for a Run or Take a Hike but Never Let Not Having a Partner Halt Your Progress

If you can’t seem to find a fitness buddy or a personal trainer to work out with, don’t let it be an excuse to skip exercising. You can still go about your routine solo. In fact, there may be times you prefer solitude and opt to skip the gym to go for a run or hike by yourself. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to clear your head and make yourself a priority. In fact, if you’re new to an area and without friends, working out alone may get people to open up more to you.

Spending time at your local gym makes it easier for you to be courageous enough to work out. You’ll find the staff helpful in getting you comfortable with your journey. You’ll likely meet trainers and instructors, too, that help get you in the groove of being more independent. Even if you don’t make a few friends through the classes that you take, you’ll still be working hard toward achieving your goals. You’ll be doing everything you set out to do with less fear.