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Mind over matter is more than just a slogan for t-shirts.

Positivity is contagious. It’s a great motivator with many benefits. In addition to improving the quality of your life, it adds to the lives of others in remarkable and measurable ways. When you’re positive, setbacks and obstacles don’t get the best of you because you have the inner strength to overcome and persevere.

The Desire to Continue When Everything is Telling You to Quit

Positivity serves as motivation on days where it feels impossible to hit the gym. It’s what gets you through plateaus in your weight and injuries sustained while working out. Even if you feel worried, sick or defeated, you can quickly change your perspective and see a vast difference in what you’re able to achieve at any given time.

Ways to Keep Your Spirits High Despite Adversity

Everyone experiences challenges. It’s up to you to find ways to recover from your setbacks quickly. Choosing to see the positive in every situation helps you cut your losses and find the courage to start again. In fact, it could very well be one of your most attractive personality traits, too.

Here are some of the ways to keep the positive energy going in your life:

  • Surround yourself with like-minded When you align yourself with others who are energetically in tune with you, you experience greater pleasure and satisfaction. There is less drama and more successful interactions. When you choose to build relationships with people who make fitness a priority, you have more to talk about. You have a group of individuals who have a vested interest in your success.  You can find a nearby spin class. They know how passionate you are about being fit and healthy because those things are priorities in their lives, too. They won’t encourage you to engage in activities that put distance between you and your goals. Instead, they come up with creative ways to make sure that both you and they are able to achieve everything you set out to do.
  • Choose your input carefully. Your actions shape your thoughts and experiences which ultimately shape your feelings and beliefs. Being mindful of the activities, people, foods, and media that you spend time on is imperative. What you allow into your life has a direct effect on your perceptions. When you see things for what they’re worth and opt to seek out more of the positive, you feel a shift deep inside yourself. Your reason for working out and becoming healthier gets clearer.
  • Allow imperfection to shape your experiences. Done is better than none. It’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes but rejection and failure are catalysts for change. If you want to get better, you have to first be willing to let your guard down and try it. You may not get the swing of things immediately but with enough practice, you’ll master it sooner than later. Know that perfection is a myth. There’s no such thing as the perfect body, perfect health or the perfect diet. Once you let go of your need to be in control, magical things happen. You grow from your experiences and become better in the process. It is perfectly fine to embrace your imperfections.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. When you eat foods that are high in nutritional value, your body gets the nourishment it needs to thrive. You feel better emotionally because of your choices, too. Processed foods are full of fat, sodium, and sugar which can lead to obesity and cause depression and anxiety. Choose as many foods you can that come from plants that grow in the ground and not manufacturing plants that create questionable products. Experiment with new recipes and make preparing and cooking food fun. That way, you remain positive about the things you’re putting into your body and not forced to feel like it’s a chore to eat right.
  • Get really good rest each night. Sleep can change your perspective instantly. It gives you time to recover after something has stretched you to your limits physically or emotionally. Make rest a priority. It’s how you’ll remain positive when everyone else feels like throwing in the towel. It helps you to problem solve and gives your body time to rejuvenate itself. Whenever you need help coming to a conclusion, make it a point to sleep on it. Go to bed and then make your decision after a good night’s rest. You’ll think more clearly and feel energized enough to back up your choice with action.
  • Find a mentor or role model. There are many inspiring people doing exactly what you’re hoping to do. Hire a coach, a trainer or mentor to serve as your role model. If you don’t have access to such a person, find a public figure that you can follow on social media, read their books or keep up with their blogs. Mimic their success. Your journey will be completely your own but can be paved with milestones that you’ve achieved with the guidance of another successful and fit person. These people will keep your spirits high even when things seem difficult. Know their stories, feel their pain, and rally with them once they’ve succeeded. They’d do the same for you.

Through a series of deliberate steps, you’re able to go from Point A to Point B successfully. Maintaining a positive attitude reflects greatly on your spirit. It pays testimony to who you are as a person and what you want to achieve out of life. When one door closes, you’re the first in line to swing the next door wide open.

A Lifetime of Commitment Provides Excellent Results and Rewards

Be positive in your approach to fitness and wellness. After all, you’re making a lifetime commitment to living a healthy lifestyle not testing out a fly-by-night trend. Once you’ve gotten in the groove and developed a fitness regimen that sticks, you’ll feel excited about it. You’ll look forward to the time you spend in the gym, on the basketball court or in the yoga studio. You’ll also want to share your experience with others who can benefit from your knowledge and unique perspective on things.