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Treadmill Keeps Shutting Off – Problem & Solution to Fix It

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Jeff

Treadmill Keeps Shutting Off

We know what it’s like when the treadmill just doesn’t stay on during the workout. Besides the frustration of not knowing what the problem is, constant and unexplained shutdowns could ruin your entire workout session. However, you don’t have to just give up and start seeking other home treadmills reviews; we might have a solution for your problem.

Your treadmill could be shutting off for many different reasons, some of which could be impossible to track by an average user who just wants a working treadmill. However, there are some common reasons treadmills shut off that can be fixed within seconds.

So, without further ado, keep on reading to learn more about what your issue might be and how to fix it.

Possible Reasons Why a Treadmill Keeps Shutting Off

Here we’ll walk you through the most common problems most treadmills users run into that cause the machine to shut off without an explanation. Make sure you read this part carefully and see if any of the following fixes would work with your home treadmill.

Reason 1: Power Issues  treadmill stops after a few seconds

If your treadmill keeps shutting off then turning back on very quickly after, it could be an issue with its power supply. Simply check the power outlet where the treadmill is plugged in and make sure it’s plugged in correctly, and it’s secure enough to not move while the treadmill is on.

Moreover, try changing the power outlet altogether because the power might be unstable or burned out. It’s not very likely that the issue is with the power outlet, but it’s still worth a try before blaming a perfectly fine treadmill.

Reason 2: Too Much Resistance or Heat treadmill starts and stops immediately

For the safety and protection of your treadmill’s motor, the manufacturers implement a circuit breaker that shuts the treadmill off when it senses too much heat. So, you must be wondering what might be causing that heat?

Simply, it could be as simple as too much friction among the different moving parts of the treadmill. If you could track down the heat source to what’s really causing it and lubricate that area, your problem could be fixed.

Moreover, if what’s causing the issue is a specific part, we strongly recommend you completely replace it instead of constantly lubricating it. 

However, if you can’t identify the source of the friction, you can just lubricate the obvious areas like the walking belt. Also, you can try changing the inclination or the speed of the treadmill to try to lessen the friction to see if that really is the problem.

If the issue is too difficult for you to figure out, or if the treadmill started overheating suddenly and all the visible parts seem fine, it’s time you contact the manufacturer’s customer support.

It could be an issue with the build of the treadmill that requires professional help to get it fixed. It’s better that you don’t mess around with the treadmill too much, especially if it’s still within the warranty period.

It’s important to mention that if your treadmill shuts off due to overheating, you need to allow it to cool down for 15 – 20 minutes before turning it on again. It shuts down to protect the motor, so don’t try to push it beyond its limits.

Reason 3: Worn Out Belt proform treadmill starts then stops

Following on the previous point, if your walking belt is worn out and has a lot of frays on the side, the frays could be causing too much resistance on the movement of the belt, causing your treadmill to shut off.


An easy and quick solution would be to lubricate the belt itself, but keep in mind that this is just a temporary fix. If you want a permanent fix, you’ll have to order a new belt and change the old fried one.

Reason 4: Error Codes  nordictrack treadmill console problems

If the treadmill shows error codes before it shuts down, it could either be a software or a hardware problem that isn’t as easy to fix as the previous problems. 

You can check treadmill reviews, like weslo cadence treadmill, nautilus t616, and proform 2000 treadmills to check if that error code is common and see if users have figured a way to fix it; however, that’s not really the best approach.

The better approach to such an issue is contacting customer support, telling them the error code, and seeing what they have to say. It might be as simple as the treadmill needing a quick reset, or it might require a professional team to solve. It’s best to ask the experts in that situation.

Final Words

Now that you know all the different issues that might be causing your treadmill to shut down halfway through your workout, you should know what exactly you need to do to get the issue fixed as soon as possible. As always, we recommend contacting customer support or seeing what other users have to say in case it’s a recurring problem with a simple fix.