Free Motion 890 Treadmill Review

Last Updated on December 2, 2022 by Jeff

Free Motion 890 TreadmillLet’s Get Started

If you are a runner who is also a huge fan of gadgets and entertainment options, this is the best treadmill for you. From a high definition television to a huge, full-color touch display monitor that features touch screen capabilities and an Android-powered browser, this has got your tech needs covered. The Free Motion 890 Treadmill also comes with 40 different workout apps, speed and incline functions, and a polar wireless chest strap so that you can track just how hard you are actually working.

You would think that with the TV and the large monitor there would be no room for a fan, but you would be wrong. With the exception of someone waving a banner and cheering for you in your living room, this treadmill pretty much has it all.

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Technical Info:


  • Height: 57.1”
  • Width: 33.87”
  • Length: 72.22”
  • Item weight: 320 lbs
  • Max user weight: 400 lbs
  • Belt
  • Length: 60”
  • Width: 22”

Features:Free Motion Treadmill 890

  • 15” high definition television lets you watch favorite shows while you are running.
  • 10” full color touch screen display with Android compatible browser. Find running workouts and extend your options even farther.
  • 40 workout apps to help you meet any and every goal that you might ever have.
  • Dual Grip heart rate sensors plus an included Polar wireless heart rate chest strap lets you track your pulse so that you know that you are in the right zone.
  • Folds for storage
  • Workout fan helps you stay cooler while you run.

Computer Features:

  • 10” full color display
  • 1 Touch operation
  • Android browser
  • Track heart rate, lap number, time, distance, speed, pace in minutes and calories burned.


  • Frame and motor: Lifetime
  • Parts: 5 years
  • Labor: 2 years

FreeMotion Treadmill in-Home Exercise EquipmentShipping and Assembly

Shop around for the best price for this treadmill and take advantage of any sales that you can find. While free shipping is definitely something you want, if you can’t find it, go for the lowest shipping option that they offer. This is a heavy machine at over 320 pounds and has far too many delicate components for poor handling, making it a difficult machine to pick up in-store.

Assembly is not nearly as complex as you would think, however, especially with all of the components that are a part of this treadmill. The instructions are clear, and all necessary parts and tools are included.

What We Love About the Free Motion 890 Treadmill


The TV and huge display monitor are great. These features are even better than some health club treadmills at a price far below what you would expect to pay for one with fewer features.

Plenty of Workout Possibilities

There are 40 workout apps with this treadmill, so you could do a different one for more than a month and never have to repeat a single workout. The ability to change the speed and incline also makes this treadmill even more versatile.

Still Folds for Storage

We were shocked that this fully-loaded treadmill still folded for storage. It is big and heavy, so make sure that it is somewhere secure even when in the folded position.

Other ConsiderationsFreeMotion 890 Treadmill

Customer Service Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

While this is not at the super high-end price point, it is more than just a casual purchase for most people. You would hope that investing this much money into something would give you at least decent customer service, but that is not the case here. Reports of delayed answers, non-committal responses, and rude attitudes are more than just occasional—in fact, they seem to be the norm. A company that has bad customer service can make your experience less than a pleasant one.

Possible Belt Malfunctions

There are more than a few complaints about the belt either sticking or slipping, sometimes in the same machine. Either one could be a dangerous thing, but if you are waiting around for something to happen it can ruin your concentration and make every workout more stressful than it is really worth.

How the Free Motion 890 Treadmill Compares to the Free Motion 860 Treadmill

The 860 has a smaller, full-color touch screen display monitor and a slightly smaller belt. It does not have the high definition television. It does have the same solid warranty and the same heart rate capabilities. It is priced about $500 lower, so if you want fewer bells and whistles it might be the better option. If you want the fully loaded treadmill, then 890 is the machine for you.

FreeMotion Treadmill Exercise EquipmentFinal Word on the Free Motion 890 Treadmill

From the moment we got a look at this treadmill and the space-age looking console area, we were impressed. This is not a super expensive treadmill, at least not for all of the gadgets you get here. The Polar wireless heart rate monitor chest strap is a great added feature, but a television plus a sizable color display is even better. The ability to catch up on your favorite shows while you run can provide some of the best pastimes in terms of entertainment.

The motor is pretty powerful and backed by a full lifetime warranty. Speed capabilities of up to 12 mph and incline of 15% means that you can really turn up the intensity with this treadmill. No need to worry about ever being bored either, because there are 40 workouts, and the browser gives you access to virtually unlimited programs. All of this for under $2000 means you may have found the perfect treadmill, whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner.

Click here to check the price on the Free Motion 890 Treadmill on Amazon.