FreeMotion t6.2 Treadmill Review

Last Updated on May 24, 2021 by Jeff


The FreeMotion t6.2 Treadmill is a well built machine incorporating quality construction and components. The commercial grade 4.0 horsepower motor that drives this home treadmill is as advanced as they come. It has dual fans to cool the motor, insulation that helps to protect the motor from prolonged heat, a failsafe system that shuts the motor down safely if anything fails, a grounding brush that increases the life of the bearings and electrical contacts and noise immunity to soften the sound of the motor. Its output powers the t6.2 Treadmill up to 12 mph and 15% incline.

The Whisper-Quiet Ultra Spacious StretchDeck provides a 20”x0” running surface with Surface Response Suspension to reduce impact to the back, knees and joints. You’ll be able to run all day without the normal aches and pains of road running. The console on the FreeMotion t6.2 Treadmill is loaded with 30 programmed workouts and the ability to connect to iFit, which will provide even more workouts. iFit gives you the ability to simulate different running terrains with the use of Google MapsTM. iFit also connects you with friends so that you can train and compete together. When you’re all done exercising, employ the SpaceSaver foldaway technology to easily fold the deck and lock it in place so that you can save valuable space in your home.

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Technical Info:


  • Length: 82.3”
  • Width: 36.6”
  • Height: 74.25”
  • Running surface: 20”x60”
  • Item weight: 300 lbs
  • Max user weight: 325 lbs


  • Powerful commercial quality, 4.0 maximum peak hp Eon5 Commercial Pro Motor.
  • High quality 2.5” rollers are machined, precision balanced and manufactured with non-flexible components that dramatically minimize wear and tear.
  • Accommodates walking, jogging and running with speeds up to 12 mph. Adjust your speed at the touch of a button.
  • Quickly adjust your incline between 0 and 15% to target specific muscle groups and burn more calories.
  • One touch controls adjust your speed and incline in seconds at the touch of a button.
  • Energy Return Deck cushioning system features a deck that absorbs impact to protect the knees, back, hips and joints.
  • Whisper-Quiet Belt is designed to operate more quietly than a typical treadmill belt.
  • Comfort Touch Handgrip Heart Rate monitoring allows you to track your intensity while exercising.
  • iPod compatible sound system allows you to plug into the console and hear your content from the speakers.
  • Integrated tablet holder allows you to enjoy your favorite shows, music and movies while you workout.
  • SpaceSaver Fold-Away systemwith heavy duty steel reinforced frame features hands-free auto unfold technology.
  • CoolAire Workout Fan enhances the virtual reality experience by replicating an outdoor breeze experience while working out.

Computer Features:

  • High definition 7” display on an adjustable console to maintain easy viewing for users of any height.
  • iFit enabled allows you to get a new workout every day, automatically track your progress, replicate real-life runs with Google MapsTM, compete with your friends and custom-tailor your training to your specific goals.
  • 30 built-in workout programs.
  • Display readouts include:
    • Time
    • Distance
    • Intensity
    • Calories Burned
    • Calories/Hr
    • Incline
    • Speed
    • Heart Rate
    • ¼ Mile Track


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Motor: Lifetime
  • Parts: 3 year
  • Labor: 1 year

Shipping and Assembly:

Shipping costs will vary for the FreeMotion t6.2 Treadmill depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you prefer. However, some retailers, such as, will provide free shipping.

Assembly of the FreeMotion T6.2 Treadmill is not too bad. You’ll need the two hex keys that are provided with the packaging as well as your own wrench to complete the assembly. The manual walks you through the nine step process that involves the installation of only 12 screws. Because some of the pieces are heavy, the process will take you a little time, but you should be able to complete it in about 30-45 minutes.

What We Love About the FreeMotion t6.2 Treadmill:


The console on the FreeMotion t6.2 Treadmill is really nice and has everything you’ll ever need for a great workout. First, it has 30 pre-programmed workouts. All you need to do is pick one and you’ll have a workout specifically designed for building endurance and/or burning fat. FreeMotion also equips the console with the ability to use iFit. iFit is a third party software that provides even more workouts, allows you to train and compete against friends, provides a way to track your workout statistics and provides simulated running terrain through Google MapsTM. This console also allows you to connect your iPod and gives you a media shelf that’s large enough for your tablet. These features keep you connected to the outside world and provide an enjoyable exercising experience.

What Isn’t So Great:

Heart Rate Monitoring

The biggest drawback of the FreeMotion t6.2 Treadmill is its heart rate monitoring. The treadmill does have the ability to monitor your heart rate but only through the hand grips. There is no ability to use a chest strap heart rate monitor. This is bad because if you are running, it is nearly impossible to hold on to the grips for a reading. You’ll need to jump of the treadmill to take a reading and then get back on. Another drawback of contact sensors is that the typically aren’t as accurate as a chest strap monitor, which is continually taking readings from you.

Final Word on the FreeMotion t6.2 Treadmill:

There are a lot of treadmill choices in this price range and we’d have to say that the FreeMotion t6.2 Treadmill may not be the best option out there. It has a great, commercial grade motor, good speed and incline settings and a very good console. However, at this price range most treadmills do. Its major flaw is that there’s only one way to monitor your heart rate and that’s through the contact sensors in the handlebars. For roughly the same price, we’d prefer the NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill, or for about $300 less the NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill is also a great choice. Make sure you check out our reviews of these treadmills.  Rated 85/100.