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Goplus Electric 800W Folding Treadmill Review

Last Updated on April 28, 2021 by Jeff

Treadmill OverviewGoplus® Electric Treadmill 800W Folding Power Motorized Running Jogging Machine

The GoPlus 800W Folding Treadmill features a folding steel frame and a sizable running belt. There are plenty of features to make this folding treadmill safe and comparable to far more expensive models. This is a lower cost alternative to bulkier machines that need a dedicated space with many of the same features. While some folding treadmills may not have functional handrails, the GoPlus 800W has handrails that can be used to steady yourself as well as check your heart rate. There is a secondary emergency stop and other controls on the handrails as well.

Available in a black or pink model, the GoPlus 800W Folding Treadmill has some great safety features with additional benefits as well.

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Technical Info:


    • Height: 56”
    • Width: 24”
    • Length: 45.5”
    • Weight of item: 59 lbs
    • Max User Weight: 220 lbs.
    • Folded Dimensions:
      • Height: 37.4”
      • Width: 24”
      • Length: 26.8”
    • Belt Dimensions:
      • Length: 38.2”
      • Width: 14”

Features:Goplus® Electric Treadmill 800W Folding Power Motorized Running Machine

  • Folding frame and transport wheels let you tuck this treadmill away when you are done or when you just need a little more space
  • Two color choices: basic black or pink and white lets you pick the exact treadmill that you want.
  • Safety key lets you stay safe while you are walking or running. It also prevents small children from starting the treadmill accidentally. A secondary emergency stop button on the handrails gives added safety and security.
  • LED monitor lets you keep track of your progress as you improve your fitness.

Monitor Features:

  • LED readout
  • Tracks: heart rate (sensors are located on the handrails), speed, distance, time and calories burned.
  • Scan feature scrolls through all data.


3 Year warranty covers everything.

Shipping and Assembly

Free shipping is always an option if you know where to look at least in most cases. Every now and then there will be few sellers that offer this service. If you can have it shipped to a local store and pick it up for free, that could be preferable and cost-saving. At only 59 pounds, this is not an overly heavy treadmill and can be loaded in most vehicles with minimal effort.

The assembly for the GoPlus 800W Folding Treadmill is practically done for you with 90% of the assembly complete right out of the box. Other than tightening a few bolts, there is very little for you to do. It should take less than half an hour.

What We Love About the GoPlus 800W Folding TreadmillGoplus® Electric Treadmill 800W Folding Power Motorized Jogging Machine

Folds for Storage

Not everyone has the ability to have a treadmill out all of the time. Even smaller models like this one take up space that you may not have to spare. Folding treadmills often give up other features but this one still delivers a good workout and a number of safety features.

Super Easy Assembly

Even basic treadmills can have difficult assembly because of the wiring that attaches to the monitor and the other parts. The GoPlus 800W Folding Treadmill arrives nearly completely assembled, so there is very little that needs to be done.

Dual Safety Features

The GoPlus 800W Folding Treadmill features both the safety key connector and an emergency stop button on the handrails for added safety. Both are vitally important features, especially for a home with small children. The treadmill will not turn on if the key is not connected to the console. The emergency stop button lets you stop the treadmill immediately if there is a problem of any kind.

Other Considerations:

Short Belt Goplus®800W Folding Treadmill Power Motorized Fitness Running Machine

At just 38.2”, the running belt for the GoPlus 800W Folding Treadmill may be too short for some runners. It is important to have a rough idea of what your personal stride length is before you make your final decision on any treadmill.

Inconsistent Speed

For most trainees, setting the speed and then running out your time is the goal. A problem reported with the GoPlus 800W Folding Treadmill is with consistency. If the speed changes while you are running it can throw your timing off, catch you off guard increase the risk of injury. You may be struggling to adjust the speed up and down constantly rather than concentrating on your footing. It is a safety problem but may also impair your ability to progress as well, especially if you are spending your entire workout trying to figure out what speed you are trying to run at.

How the GoPlus 800W Folding Treadmill Compares to the GoPlus 1100W Folding Treadmill

Both are in the lower end price category. Both are folding treadmills for easy storage. Both have the same weight capacity (220 lbs). The running belt on both models is similar in size with to the GoPlus 1100W, but is just slightly bigger by less than an inch. The only major difference is with the price: The GoPlus 800W is $30 or so more expensive than the 1100W model. Both are basic, folding treadmills with similar features, so either would be a solid choice.
Goplus® Folding Treadmill 800W Folding Power Motorized Running Jogging Machine

Final Word on the GoPlus 800W Folding Treadmill

There is nothing terribly fancy about the GoPlus 800W folding treadmill, but at this price, who would expect it? It is a great starter treadmill especially for trainees who are just starting their fitness journey as well as those who are really short on available space and need a smaller machine. Because of the shorter running belt this may also be a good option for a preteen to smaller teen trainee that would like to get in to running or is looking to supplement their sports training with cross training. The warranty is not the best, but additional plans are available. The easy assembly and dual safety features make this a great choice. The frame is steel but still manages to be fairly lightweight, so moving it is still not a problem. The option of choosing between black and pink is really a nice final touch for this model.

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