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Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill Review

Last Updated on April 28, 2021 by Jeff

Treadmill OverviewHorizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill

If you’re looking for a home treadmill that can make it easier for you to do your workout and stay motivated, the Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmills just might be the one. With built-in speakers and Bluetooth compatibility, you can have any kind of music or entertainment you desire. In addition, the Elite T9-02 treadmill has the ability to connect you with Passport for realistic outdoor style workouts right in your own home.

The belt is not only a good size, it has three different zones so you can find the right level of cushioning no matter what your running or walking style might be.

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Technical Info:


    • Height: 63”
    • Width: 39.4”
    • Length: 78.8”
    • Item weight: 320
    • Max user weight: 350
    • Folded Dimensions:
      • Height 71”
      • Width: 39.4”
      • Length: 47.3”
    • Belt Dimensions:
      • Length: 60”
      • Width: 22”

Features:Horizon Treadmill Fitness Elite T9-02

  • Folds for easy storage.
  • Large belt has 3 zone cushioning so that you can find the right level for however you run or walk.
  • Speeds up to 12 mph.
  • Incline up to 15%
  • USB port lets you charge devices or access playlists while you run.
  • Blue tooth compatible for wireless heart rate monitoring, access to music and more.
  • Passport media player lets you have access to outdoor style workouts and full color displays so you feel like you are on a beach, in the forest or running down a country lane.
  • 40 programmed workouts
  • Wireless plus contact heart rate monitors with an included Polar chest strap.

Monitor Features:

  • 8.5” data screen with backlighting for easier visibility
  • Monitor heart rate using the included wireless chest strap or by the contact monitors on the hand rails.
  • Also tracks time, distance, speed, incline and calories burned.
  • Shows lap number with the race track display.


  • Motor: Lifetime
  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Parts and Suspension: 5 years
  • Labor: 2 years

Shipping and AssemblyHorizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill

Watch for sales and special offers that give you free shipping if you can’t find a trusted seller that offers it regularly. This is a fairly large and heavy treadmill and not one that you want to have to pick up from a local store and try to get home on your own.

Assembly is not terrible. The instructions and diagrams are pretty straightforward. There are a few bolts that can be tricky at first, and you are definitely going to need more than one person to get this machine together. It does fold but it is large enough that you are probably not going to want to move it a lot.

What We Love About the Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill

All of the Options

Trainees are going to love the ability to choose their music or other entertainment options for every run. Whether they use the USB port, blue tooth or the built-in speakers, there are so many way to make runs go by even faster.

Don’t Forget Your Passport

Having access to the Passport Media Player means that you can use footage of real scenes to inspire your run. You pick your location, and suddenly you are running down a path through a green forest instead of trotting along in your living room.

Workout VersatilityHorizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill

The Elite T9-02 has 40 programmed workouts to help you reach your every goal, whether it is improving stamina and endurance or losing weight. You can change the difficulty of every program by increasing the speed and/or inkling, meaning that you have even more options to work with.

Other Considerations

Customer Service Continues to Improve

Trainees who have dealt with Horizon before might be pleased to see that customer service is a work in progress and has made some great strides. However, they haven’t improved enough to take this away from the negative column and that is really a shame.

How the Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Compares to the Elite T-5 TreadmillHorizon Fitness Elite Treadmill T9-02

The T-5 has some but not all of the same features as the T9-02. Its motor is smaller, the belt is shorter and there is no USB port. The monitor and the other features are similar, though. Overall, the T9-02 is the far better treadmill choice. They are both similar in price, so you would not be saving enough money to justify losing out on the better machine.

Final Word on the Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill

With the built-in speakers, USB charging port and blue tooth compatibility, you already have most of the world at your fingertips. Add in Passport and you literally do have the world at your fingers. Just the ability to see scenery that you may never get to experience any other way while you are running can be a game changer. Whether you are a beginning-level runner or have been running for a very long time, this treadmill can give you a challenging, intense workout, and the monitor will show you the proof right on the large screen. This is a good size treadmill, especially for the price, and with the lifetime warranty for the motor and frame you will likely need to replace the computer once or twice and your shoes dozens of times before the treadmill itself is done.

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