ProForm Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk Review

Last Updated on February 28, 2018 by Assistant Editor

ProForm-Thinline-Pro-Desk-TreadmillProForm Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk Overview:

With the ProForm Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk, you can train with the latest technology at your fingertips, or you can utilize the desktop to get some work done. With the exciting adjustable desktop, you can lower the console and utilize the flat space as your very own desktop. Leave the console facing you for your typical treadmill experience. If you have multiple users you can simply adjust the vertical height of the desktop by 14 inches to find the perfect fit for each member of the family.

But this treadmill isn’t just for working; it has everything you’ll ever need for a world class workout. Book your ticket to anywhere in the world when you tap into the iFit enabled interactive technology with Google Maps™ routes. At 12 mph top speed, 12 percent incline, 3 percent decline, and power adjustable uprights, this treadmill is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Slide your trusty tablet into the console slot the treadmill syncs with your tablet wirelessly for total speed, incline, and decline control.

This super thin SpaceSaver design folds your treadmill vertically with a 12-inch width at it’s thinnest. Now you can keep your space open and free when your workout is complete.

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Technical Info:ProForm-Thinline-Pro-Treadmill-Desk


  • Length: 80.6”
  • Width: 35”
  • Height: 54.9”
  • Running surface: 22”x60”
  • Item weight: 321 lbs
  • Max user weight: 300 lbs


  • 3.0 continuous horsepower Mach Z commercial motor creates high levels of inertia for a smooth, powerful feel and promises a quiet in-home experience.
  • 1.9” precision-machined, balanced, non-flex rollers decrease tension, which keeps wear and tear to a minimum.
  • Console folds to utilize the flat space as your very own desktop.
  • Accommodates walking, jogging and running with speeds up to 12 mph. Adjust your speed at the touch of a button.
  • Quickly adjust your intensity from a 3% decline to a 12% incline to target specific muscle groups and burn more calories.
  • One touch controls adjust your speed and incline in seconds at the touch of a button.
  • Cushioned deck to provide a comfortable and pain-free running and walking experience.
  • Heart rate monitoring through dual handlebar grip sensors.
  • Integrated tablet holder allows you to enjoy your favorite shows, music and movies while you workout. You can also use your tablet as the console with wireless connection.
  • Thinline SpaceSaver design folds the treadmill vertically with a 12” width at its thinnest to keep your space open and free when your workout is complete.
  • CoolAire workout fan keeps you cool and comfortable during your most intense workouts.

Computer Features:ProForm-Thinline-Treadmill-Desk

  • 7” backlit display.
  • iFit enabled allows you to get a new workout every day, automatically track your progress, replicate real-life runs with Google MapsTM, compete with your friends and custom-tailor your training to your specific goals.
  • 40 built-in workout programs.
  • Display readouts include:
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Intensity Level
  • Calories Burned (Total & Per Hour)
  • Incline Level
  • Speed
  • Heart Rate
  • ¼ Mile Track


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Motor: Lifetime
  • Parts: 5 year
  • Labor: 2 year

Shipping and Assembly:ProForm-Thinline-Pro-Treadmill-Desk-Machine

Shipping costs will vary for the ProForm Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you prefer. However, some retailers, such as, will provide free shipping.

The ProForm Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk comes almost completely assembled. They provide you an Allen wrench to complete the seven step assembly process that basically includes attaching the leg extensions. This process should take you no longer than ten minutes to complete. It should literally take you longer to get this treadmill out of the box than it will to complete the assembly.

What We Love About the ProForm Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk:

Incline & Decline

The ProForm Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk is allows you add intensity by increasing the incline up to 12%. This is pretty typical for top of the line treadmills. With some research, you may be able to find some that will provide incline up to 15%. What you won’t be able to find is decline settings like you can on this treadmill. The Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk will allow you to set decline up to 3%. This provides a downhill running experience so that you can train all aspects of outdoor running. The only other treadmill we found with this option is another ProForm model, the Pro 2000 Treadmill, which you can review on our website.

Workout OptionsProForm-Thinline-Pro-Treadmill-Machine

Have a lot of workout options on a treadmill is great for breaking up the monotony. It’s tough to beat the options on the ProForm Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk. Well, first with the name, it’s obvious that you get a desktop surface to use your laptop on get a little work done. Second, ProForm packs this treadmill with 40 programmed workouts, which is the most we’ve seen on any treadmill. Now if these first two features aren’t good enough to break up the monotony for you, then how about access to iFit? With iFit, the world literally becomes your playground with the use of GoogleMapsTM. You can pick running routes all over the world and allow the treadmill to increase and decrease your incline to match the terrain. With the ProForm Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk, you will never be bored.

Other Considerations:

Heart Rate Monitoring

The main drawback, and really the only drawback, with the ProForm Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk is that you can only monitor your heart rate by using the hand grips. We really have no idea why ProForm chose not to provide the hands free monitors. Maybe because it is a desktop treadmill? Maybe, but it didn’t keep them from providing a ton of other options. Whatever the reason, we all know that using a chest strap heart rate monitor is far more accurate and a lot easier to use than grip sensors. With these grip sensors, getting a ready running at 8, 10, or 12 mph is going to be near impossible, which makes heart rate zone training difficult as well.

Final Word on the ProForm Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk:

Forget that this is a desktop treadmill; this is a great treadmill, period. Being a treadmill designed with a desktop you would think that you’d lose some other features, but that’s not the case. In fact, this treadmill has some of the best features of any treadmill including superior quality and construction, incline and decline settings, and tons of workout options. The only thing that the ProForm Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk lacks is the ability to monitor your heart rate with a wireless chest strap. If it weren’t for that, we’d probably recommend this treadmill for everyone.



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