Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill Review

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Weslo Cadence R 5.2 TreadmillOverview:

Weslo presents a quality design for a budget price in the Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill.  This is a great treadmill for someone looking to add a little exercise into their life at a nice price.  The Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill has a decent size motor at 2.5 CHP, a cushioned belt, and a foldable design for easy storage and space-saving. That said, the Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill isn’t really made for a super-active and/or experienced runner. The running surface is on the narrow and short side at 16”x50”. If you’re running at a quick pace, your full stride may overextend this 50” depending on your leg length. Walking and jogging should be fine. Additionally, its lightweight design probably really isn’t designed to take the abuse of an experienced runner every day. For the price, the Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill is a good machine, but you need to be realistic for what you are using it for.  Also, we recommend looking at the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill in your hunt. It’s very similar and a bit cheaper than the R 5.2.

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Technical info:Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill Review

Assembled dimensions:

  • Height: 55.5”
  • Width: 29”
  • Length: 64.5”
  • Weight: 117 lbs
  • Running Surface 16”x50”


  • Comfort Cell Cushioning to reduce stress on joints and to maximize stride impact absorption.
  • Folding design for space saving and easy storage.
  • Speed from 0-10 mph with the 2.5 CHP Mach Z motor.
  • Two position manual incline.
  • Heart rate monitoring through thumb sensor.
  • Maximum User Weight: 250 lbs

Weslo Cadence R 5.2 TreadmillComputer Features:

  • Blue tint LCD display.
  • 6 profile programs.
  • Weight Loss
  • Intensity Training

Workout data includes:

  • ¼ Mile Track
  • Speed
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Calories Burned
  • Heart Rate

Warranty:Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill

  • Motor: 1 Year
  • Parts: 90 Days
  • Labor: 90 Days

Shipping and Assembly:

Amazon ships the Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill for free. Assembly should take less than an hour.

Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill OverviewAbout Weslo:

Weslo is a brand produced by Icon Health & Fitness. Icon also produces brands such as NordicTrack, Pro-Form, Weider, Healthrider and many more. Icon has been as innovative leader in the fitness industry since 1977 when the company was founded by Scott Watterson and Gary Stevenson. Their “first in fitness” mission has resulted in state of the art equipment for more than three decades with a complete range of products, including treadmills, incline trainers, elliptical, stationary bikes, home gyms, weight benches, yoga and Pilate equipment and many other pieces of fitness equipment.

What We Love About the Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill:

Weslo is known for providing a good quality product for a bottom line price. The Weslo Cadence R 5.2 treadmill fits right in there. It has a nice 2.5 CHP motor, a belt with cushioning and a foldable design for easy storage. We also love that Weslo added six programmed workouts to the R 5.2 treadmill.


Six programmed workouts on a treadmill under $500 is a pretty good option. Most entry level treadmills pretty much only allows you to adjust your speed. Weslo provides three weight loss and three intensity training workouts. They range from 20-40 minutes in length. Having these six workouts can provide a little bit of variety in your exercise routine and break up the monotony.

What Isn’t So Great on the Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill:Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill


A big drawback of the Weslo R 5.2 Treadmill is that it only has two incline settings and they must be manually adjusted. With some through research, you can probably find a treadmill with a powered option. Having to manually adjust your incline really limits you during a workout. Sure you can adjust your speed throughout your exercise, but if you really want to add intensity, you’ll have to jump off the treadmill and adjust your incline. This is a very big inconvenience.


The Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill is a nice little treadmill for someone just getting into running or a walker. If you are an experienced runner or looking to become a runner, this isn’t the treadmill for you. First of all, the components just aren’t going to hold up to a strenuous workout time and again. Second, the running surface is only 50” and you’re probably not going to be able to get a full stride. Finally, in a full run, you are going to probably feel a little out of control on this light weight machine.

Final Word on the Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill:

The Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill is a nice machine for the home, you just need to understand what it’s build for. In our opinion it’s primarily designed for walkers or someone who wants to add a little bit of exercise to their daily routine. It’s definitely not for the experienced runner. If this is where you fall in, again, you may also want to check out the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill. The G 5.9 is almost $100 cheaper and nearly identical in every way.  It’s worth a look.



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