Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill Review

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Weslo-Crosswalk-5-2t-TreadmillTreadmill Overview:

Keep in shape with the Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill. The Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill has a 2.25 horsepower motor that can reach speeds up to 10 mph. It is designed to give you both a lower and upper body workout. For the upper body, this Weslo treadmill has dual resistance arms that keep you active and pumping. You’ll feel completely engaged during your workout. Comfort Cell cushioning softens each step during your routine so you’ll avoid sore, inflamed and aching joints and feet.

When you are really looking for a challenge, you can increase the incline to burn more calories. You can also use the four preprogrammed workouts for professional training. These programs are specifically designed to burn fat and improve cardiovascular fitness. An integrated thumb sensor helps you maintain pace in your target heart zone so you can achieve your fitness goals.

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Technical Info:


  • Length: 63”
  • Width: 32”
  • Height: 48”
  • Weight: 168 lbs
  • Running surface: 16”x50”
  • Max user weight: 250 lbs


  • Powerful 2.25 HP Impulse O Motor is quiet yet powerful.
  • Speed controls up to 10 mph.
  • Two position incline allows to increase intensity and work different lower body muscles.
  • Crosswalk upper body resistance arms to work the muscles of the arms and shoulders.
  • Patented Comfort Cell cushioning feature protects your joints and helps to absorb impact.
  • Monitor your heart rate through thumb pulse sensor.
  • SpaceSaver design allows easy folding for compact storage.

Computer Features:

  • LCD display.
  • 4 built-in workout programs.
  • Weight Loss (2)
  • Performance (2)
  • Display readouts include:
    • ¼ Mile Track
    • Distance
    • Speed
    • Calories Burned
    • Elapsed Time
    • Heart Rate


  • Parts: 90 day
  • Labor: 90 day

Shipping and Assembly:

Shipping costs will vary for the Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you prefer. However, some retailers, such as Amazon.com, will provide free shipping.

The Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill will go together quickly. The manual highlights nine steps to the assembly process. Weslo provides you with an Allen wrench, but you’ll also need and adjustable wrench, Phillips screwdriver and needle-nose pliers. If you’re not good at reading instructions, the manual provides a link to an assembly video that can walk you through the job. In all, the assembly process should take around 45 minutes.

What We Love About the Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill:

Upper Body WorkoutWeslo-Crosswalk-Treadmill-5-2t

The best feature on the Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill is the upper body resistance arms that ensure a full body workout. When you’re running at top speeds, your arms are pumping and getting a workout. However, when you’re walking your arms swing naturally at your side with no effort and intensity. The Crosswalk t5.2t Treadmill is changing that by providing pivoting resistance arms that you can use to add intensity to your workout. These arms ensure you are always working your upper body and you’re going to feel it in your shoulders and arms when you’re done. We like that the Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill didn’t stop with the usually treadmill design and was looking for a way to set itself apart.

What Isn’t So Great:


The biggest issue we have with the Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill is its overall quality. Putting this treadmill together you can tell that the pieces are lightweight and no the most durable components that you’ve every handled. Some of the pieces are plastic and feel very cheap. Once assembled and running, the treadmill is very loud for such a small motor, which makes us believe it’s working in overload to get the job done. This is even more worrisome when you take a look at the very poor 90 day parts and labor warranty that Weslo provides. It doesn’t make us feel all warm and fuzzy about Welso’s confidence in the Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill.

Heart Rate MonitoringWeslo-Crosswalk-5-2-t-Treadmill

As you drop in the lower price brackets for treadmills, your ability to monitor your heart rate is going to disappear. At this price point you still have the ability, but Weslo chose to provide the option by way of a thumb sensor on the Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill. Even at this price range, this is a cheap way of doing so. Most of the competition provides grip sensors on the handlebars to monitor your heart rate. As inaccurate as grip sensors are, a thumb sensor is even less accurate. Additionally, it’s even harder to keep your thumb on the sensor while running or walking.

Final Word on the Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill:

If your two requirements for a treadmill are a unique design to provide a full body workout and to save money, then the Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill might be for you. We do like the resistance arms that keep your upper body engaged whether you’re walking or running. We don’t however like the cheap construction of this treadmill and it has us worried that Weslo is all too familiar with the same issue by providing one of the worst warranties on the market for the Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill. Check out our reviews of some other treadmills in the price range for other options.



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