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Versaclimber vs Rowing Machine – Which Is Better?

Last Updated on October 28, 2021 by Jeff

Versaclimber vs Rowing Machine

Cardio is an essential part of every workout. It gets your heart rate plumbing and burns off calories. 

But, when purchasing the best at-home gym equipment, it can be tough to choose between a versaclimber and a rowing machine.

If you haven’t used either of them it makes a decision even harder. This article will help to identify the differences between the machines. This will help you to make a more informed choice between the vertical climber vs at-home rowing machine. 

Vertical Climbers versus Rowing Machines (Compared)

Technical Spec

The table below lists a few technical differences between the two machines 

  Vertical climbers  Rowing machines 
Body Position  Vertical / standing upright Sitting down 
Price  Starting from $100-$300 Starting from $400-$1300
Storage  Can be folded or stored behind a door  Cannot be folded and takes up more space 
Electronics  Does Not need electricity ( except if it has an electrical screen )  Needs to be plugged into an electrical point 
Calories burnt  600 cal/hr 900 cal/hr
Weight capacity  Some models have a weight capacity Does Not have a weight capacity 

Machine Specifications 

There is quite a difference between these two machines in terms of mechanical specifications. A vertical climber doesn’t have any electronics or LCD screen displaying information. The vertical climber can also be easily folded up and stored away. 

A rowing machine has to be plugged into a power supply and all of the models come out with an LCD screen that displays exercise information. Rowing machines are not so easy to store such as vertical climbers. This is because they can not be folded in half like the vertical climbers. But most rowing machines come with wheels so that they can be easily moved around. 

Calories Burnt 

One of the biggest differences between these machines is the number of calories burned. The rowing machine burns a lot more calories than the vertical climber. Nothing comes quite close to a rowing machine. Here is an example comparing the rowing machine to the vertical climber. 

  • Vertical Climber: 600 cal/hr
  • Rowing Machine: 900 cal/hr

The vertical climber is a good way to burn calories. It puts minimum pressure on your joints. But in terms of calories, nothing comes close to the rowing machine. It burns a lot of calories and is excellent for weight loss and toning. 


Warranty is a very important factor to consider when buying any type of gym equipment. Both of these products have a warranty depending on where you purchase them. 

The rowing machines have longer warranty periods because they have electrical wiring. 

Versaclimber or Rowing Machine?

Rowing Machines or Vertical Climbers Both of these machines are cardio powerhouses. They offer a high-intensity full-body workout with little impact on your joints. 

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of each product to help you make a decision about which product is the best for you. 

Vertical Climbers 

The vertical climber is a great addition to any home gym. They are especially ideal for smaller spaces because they don’t take up a lot of floor space. Some models can also be folded and stored away.

The stair stepper may require some additional balance in the beginning. They also don’t offer such a high Cairo workout as the rowing machine. If cardio and intensity are your biggest concern the rowing machine may be a better option. 

Another benefit of the vertical climber is that it has a very low carbon footprint because many models don’t require electricity. Perfect for those who are concerned about the environment. 

Pros of vertical climbers 

  • It builds muscle strength in your arms and legs 
  • It is a low impact machine on your joints 
  • Gives a full-body workout 
  • Very quiet machine 
  • Some models have the option to fold up for easy storage in smaller spaces 

Cons of vertical climbers 

  • They are very tall and some can reach up to 8 feet in height. This makes vertical climbers impractical in small spaces that do not have high ceilings. 
  • The vertical climber takes some time to get used to Because of the upright position and balance required.

Rowing machines 

vertical climber vs rowing machineRowing is some of the best cardio exercise machines on the market. They burn almost more than double the calories per hour than treadmill running. They offer a full-body low resistance workout. 

Even Though rowing machines offer a full-body workout, a rowing machine is not better than weights. It is important to incorporate other exercises with the rowing machine for a balanced and well-rounded workout. 

Some people also wonder whether the rowing machine is better than spinning. This depends if you like to cycle on an outdoor bike or not. A spinning trainer is a great substitute for an outdoor cycle.

The only negative thing about the rowing machine is that not all models can be folded up and they have a higher noise level. Other than that the rowing machine is an excellent investment for any home gym. 

Pros of Rowing machines 

  • Excellent cardio machine burns a lot of calories 
  • Resistance can be adjusted on the machine 
  • The machines are very durable 
  • Excellent for a full-body workout 
  • Can offer a HITT training option 
  • Fitness instructors often recommend rowing over climbing because of the fitness and cardio it offers. 

Cons of rowing machines 

  • Not all models can fold, this means you need a bit of floor space to store them 
  • If you do not use the machine correctly it can cause back pain.
  • Some models may be noisier than the stair stepper 

Frequently asked questions about vertical climbers and rowing machines 

Is a vertical climber better than a rowing machine? 

There is not a definitive yes or no answer to this question. It depends on what you need and what your constraints are. 

For example, a rowing machine is a bit more expensive than a vertical climber. In terms of price, the vertical climber is a better product. But, if you look at the number of calories burned per hour the rowing machine is better than the vertical climber. 

Both products are excellent, it depends on what you want to use them for. 

Does running on a treadmill burn more calories? 

Most people think that running on a treadmill will burn the most calories. That is not the case with the rowing machine vs treadmill. The rowing machine burns almost double the calories per hour than treadmill running. 

But, if you look at trail running with a lot of elevation your heart rate will definitely be a bit higher than on a rowing machine for the same amount of time. Can a rowing machine replace runningA rowing machine can not replace outdoor running but it is a very good substitute for cardio and glute strength.  

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