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How to incorporate H2O into your daily routine.

Water is one of the planet’s most valuable resources. For that reason alone, you should take advantage of it and all it has to offer. After all, water is essential for living a healthy lifestyle. The body is made up of it, and it requires an ample amount of it daily for all of its systems to work optimally.

Tricks for Drinking More Water Throughout the Day

Not everyone loves water. If you find it difficult to drink enough of the clear stuff throughout the day, it’s time to change up your habits. There are ways to get more water into your diet even if you think you’ve tried everything to do so. Follow the suggestions below for greater health and wellness courtesy of cool, refreshing water.

The following tricks help you get your fill of H2O daily:

Invest in a refillable water bottle.

Among the simplest suggestions on the list yet it remains one of the most effective solutions. Having a bottle that you fill and carry with you wherever you go gives you no excuse whatsoever to not drink up with every opportunity that you get to do so. Drinking water this way saves you money and eliminates a lot of the plastic waste that goes into the landfills, too. It’s a winning solution no matter how you choose to look at it.

Put a filter on your tap at home.

Get rid of all the things that give tap water a bad rep. A filter makes the H2O taste better. You don’t need to do anything except for turn the faucet on and fill up a glass. Changing out the filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations is the only extra step required of you but it will be months into the future. It’s a small price to pay to have access to gallons of clean, pure drinking water in your home.

Infuse your water with fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

Get a pitcher with infuser built-in. Then experiment with recipes using cut fruit, sliced vegetables, fresh herbs, and even spices such as cinnamon. You’d be surprised at how flavorful water becomes with a little imagination. It also provides you with a wealth of vitamins and minerals, too. Ditch the commercial vitamin water in favor of your own delicious recipes. You’ll never run out of inspiration as long as you have access to the internet where you can see other people’s ideas on how to make water taste amazing.

Eat your water.

If you can’t drink enough water, eat it. Find fruits and vegetables with high water content and eat them raw. Add them to salads, juice them, snack on them or use them in your smoothies with water to ensure that you’re getting enough H2O daily. Keeping fruit and vegetables cut up and available in your fridge is a smart move especially on the days where you have a packed schedule. Even if you don’t have time to prep them, you can buy pre-cut fruits and veggies from the farmers market or supermarket for an additional cost.

Use a water-reminding app.

Free to download and customizable, it sends alerts reminding you to drink more water. It also tracks how much you’ve consumed and has different glass and bottle sizes to make it easier. You can see how close you are to your overall goal in a glance. Your phone is constantly on you which makes it the perfect tool for tracking water consumption digitally. You’ll exert less effort and still reap fantastic results.

Track your water intake in a journal or planner.

It may help you to visualize how much water you’re consuming each day better. If you’re already using a journal or planner, start using tally marks or drawing glass shapes to fill in. You’ll have a goal, be reminded of it, and feel good when you complete it.

Water down your fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

You’ll get more use out of them. They’ll be less pulpy and easier to drink. Start experimenting with different ratios of fruit and vegetables to water. That way, you’ll find concoctions that you enjoy drinking and keep your body happy and hydrated. The drinks you prepare are easier to digest, too, because the water helps move things right along. You won’t drink near as much, either, because you’ll feel full quickly.

Use water as the base for your smoothies.

So many people opt to use juice as the base. Don’t. Use water and add the fruits and vegetables until you’ve reached your desired consistency. Not only does using water save you calories, but it also saves you money. Your body gets more H2O into it than you first thought it would and you’ve not broken the bank using things such as almond milk or coconut water to serve as the base of your smoothie recipe.

Don’t forget to drink up. You’ve got plenty of incentive to do so. Water flushes out toxins and helps with respiration. It lubricates your joints which helps you feel less pain while working out. It also keeps you feeling full even when you haven’t eaten.

Maintain Good Health and Hydration Throughout the Duration of Your Life

There is a long list of benefits of drinking water. It helps you with mental clarity, prevents headaches, keeps your skin moisturized, and prevents breakouts. Since you’re sweating more with the workouts that you do, it’s important to replenish your body’s supply of water by sipping on H2O while exercising especially outdoors. The sun’s hot rays can cause you to lose liquids fast.

Good Hydration is Part of What Makes You Well

Make water a part of your healthy lifestyle. It’s readily accessible, cooling, and hydrating. You can make infuse it with fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices to make it more appealing and to up your intake of vitamins and minerals. Water cleanses the body inside and out. It can also be used as a form of therapy to loosen up tight muscles and promote better sleep hygiene.