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What a Small Snack After Working Out Does for Your Body

Last Updated on February 10, 2021 by Jeff

Replenish your reserves with the right type of fuel.

Even if you’re strict about counting calories, a post-workout snack can help ensure that you are able to reach your fitness goals successfully. Even if you don’t have much of an appetite after training, a small snack helps keep your body and brain going as you approach your day and its many responsibilities.

With lower levels of the hormone ghrelin in your body, it can take hours before your appetite returns to normal. Whenever it does, however, it comes back with a vengeance. Fill your belly too much after a workout and you’ll have a difficult time returning to the gym for your next fitness session.

The Best Snacks to Eat After Working Out

Some of the best snacks to eat post-workout are full of carbohydrates and protein. They’re easy to consume wherever you’re at and help repair muscles and replenish glycogen. A protein shake or protein bar makes the most sense because of how portable each item is and the wide range of flavor options available.

Some products rich in protein are low in carbohydrates, however, so a banana fills the gap nutritionally. Carry one with you to the gym so you can consume it and the protein shake or bar before heading to your next destination. That way, you’re able to stave off hunger if you’re ravenous and jumpstart your metabolism for greater fitness results.

Other options worth eating include hummus and a whole wheat pita, yogurt with fresh berries sprinkled on the top of it, tuna on whole wheat bread, a turkey and cheese sandwich with apple slices or peanut butter and banana on top of a rice cake. The point is to balance proteins and carbohydrates so you get the energy that your body needs without the crash that occurs when blood sugar levels rise and lower too quickly.

You’ll find plenty of snack inspiration online and through social media accounts such as Instagram and Pinterest. Make note of the things you enjoy eating post-workout so you can always have them on hand when you need something nourishing to nosh on. The more portable your snack is, the easier it is to eat when you’re somewhere other than home.

Choose Quality Snacks Packed with Carbs and Proteins Post-Workout

Invest in your overall health and well-being by satisfying your body’s needs calorically post-workout. Now that you know which kinds of snacks best satiate you, you’re able to make an informed decision about what to eat. You get the most good out of the calories you consume because they provide your body with additional energy to power through the day.

The snacks that you choose to eat after a workout can help or harm you. Now that you know how to fuel your body properly, you can start shopping for foods to take with you while you’re on your way to the next place that you need to go.