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What is The Best Recumbent Bike for Home Use?

Last Updated on October 29, 2021 by Jeff


What is The Best Recumbent Bike for Home Use

There are many options on the market, from recumbent exercise bikes with video games, some recumbent bikes with a TV, to those that allow you to see the world, and we are here to help you choose the best option for you.

Whether you are new to exercise or just looking to spice up your current exercise routine, the recumbent bike offers cardiovascular exercise, a great lower body workout, and added comfort, making it the perfect addition to your home gym or living room.

Best Recumbent Bikes for Home Use

Regenerating Magnetic Recumbent Bike | Marcy ME-706

This recumbent bike is suitable for people of any age and size due to its comfortable and sleek design. The bike can carry up to 300 lbs and features an enclosed pedal strap to ensure that the user can pedal with ease.

We particularly liked that it includes a pulse monitor which means that your actual progress can be tracked (and viewed) on the bike as you exercise (as opposed to linking it up with an app). 

Therefore, this bike is also extremely user-friendly in that it does not make use of Bluetooth or other connectivity modes and mostly relies on a single screen from which to view and track progress. 

This also allows you to monitor the calories burned on a recumbent bike and your speed.

The seat is fully adjustable, and it has transport wheels which makes it easy to move it from one room to another. 

It also does not have an electrical cord, which gives you the freedom to place it anywhere in your home and adjustable levelers for ensuring that it sits firmly on the floor. 

This is the perfect companion for anyone who does not make use of fitness trackers or apps or those that prefer equipment that is less technologically advanced and easy to use.


  • This bike is very user-friendly and easy to function.
  • It doesn’t use an electrical cord because it generates its own power.


Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

home recumbent exercise bike

If lockdown or home exercise has made you long for the wide-open road and the social aspects of bike-riding, this recumbent is made for you.

This bike can connect to the RideSocial App, which allows you to travel the world and ride along with friends as you pedal. It also links up to the Schwinn Trainer App (and other fitness apps) so that you can monitor your progress.

This bike has a low noise level but comes fully equipped with speakers and an Mp3 port if you prefer waking up the neighbors. 

As an added bonus, this a recumbent bike with a fan, cooling you down as you virtually travel the world to the sounds of your favorite tunes. 

The perfect companion for those that want to enjoy the social aspect of riding from the comfort of their living room.


  • This bike has very low noise levels, so it won’t disturb or wake up other members of your household
  • It comes equipped with a fan
  • You can play music through speakers and MP3 Port


  • This recumbent bike plugs into a wall outlet, limiting where you can put it and how far you can move it

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike SF-RB4616

If you are looking for a recumbent bike, but do not want to invest too much too soon, you can look no further than this affordable option. This bike is incredibly easy to assemble and easy to use and its sleek design makes it easy to move around if needed.

It has a single monitor from which all settings and progress can be viewed, so you need not connect it to any other app or device. 

The seat is adjustable, and there are handlebars to the front and side of the rider to ensure good stability. This bike features a very comfortable and wide seat, which can be adjusted whilst you are sitting on it in order to ensure maximum comfort.

This recumbent bike can also be stabilized to adjust to the level of your floors so it will not easily fall over, even if it stands in the middle of the room.

The best recumbent exercise bike for beginners, folks on a budget, or anyone that wants something easy and simple to use.


  • This bike is easy to assemble using limited tools.
  • You can get this bike at an affordable price.


  • There are limited features in terms of workout plans and resistance levels.
    It has no place or shelf to store a book or iPad.

Stamina Recumbent Exercise Bike with Upper Body Exerciser

If you are looking to take your recumbent bike workout to the next level, this recumbent bike with upper body workout is for you. 

This recumbent bike with movable arms has padded and ergonomic handles, which you can grip whilst you work your lower body. This is perfect for those who need a more full-body approach or anyone who wants to burn more calories.

The seat and the handles are fully adjustable for maximum comfort and the bike has wheels which makes it easy to move around the house. It also has a self-generating power source so you need not plug it in and it comes with a foldable frame for easy storage. 

This space-saving recumbent exercise bike with upper body motion has a low noise level and eight levels of resistance with the added resistance of the moving arm handle, making it the perfect home addition for a full-body workout and the best recumbent bike with arm workout.


  • This bike incorporates both upper and lower body workouts.
  • It has a foldable frame for easy storage.
  • There is no power cord.
  • It has a sturdy design making it easy to place it anywhere in your home.


  • There are limited features in terms of workout plans and resistance levels.

NordicTrack Commercial VR25 Elite

home recumbent bike

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your home gym, the NordicTrack Commercial VR25 Elite bike might be the option for you. 

This recumbent exercise bike comes with iFit, a web-enabled touch screen, iPod port, speakers, and a tablet holder, keeping you entertained on all fronts. This is a perfect option for people who can’t place their bikes in their living room but still prefer to enjoy entertainment as they exercise.

Apart from the access to iFit, this bike also has 13 built-in workout programs, each focused on calorie burn, intensity, and performance, designed by qualified trainers. 

However, this bike is not easy to transport because it doesn’t have wheels or a foldable frame so be sure to place it in a certain space in your house where it can take up permanent residence.


  • It comes with a web-enabled touch screen, limiting use of other devices.
  • Provides access to built-in workout programs.


  • It is not that easy to move around or place anywhere in your home.
  • You have to pay for access to iFit to enjoy all the features.


From all these bikes, the best recumbent bike for home use will not depend on built-in features but relate more to how easy it is to place it and move it around in your home. 

For example, you do not need built-in speakers if you already have music and speakers in the room where you will place your bike.

 It is more important to be able to place the bike somewhere where it won’t be an eyesore and where it can be easily removed when that area needs to be cleaned.

For this reason, we recommend the Stamina Recumbent Bike with Upper Body Exerciser. This bike has a foldable frame and wheels, which makes it incredibly easy to move out of the way and even put it away in a cupboard if need be. 

In addition, it addresses one of the main drawbacks of recumbent bikes, which is that they only work the lower body.

Best Recumbent Bikes for Home Use (FAQ)

Do recumbent bikes work abs?

Recumbent bikes do work abs because they require some core engagement because you are working the lower abdominal region to pedal from a reclined position. 

However, if you want to opt for an ab-focused workout, you might want to invest in something that is specifically designed to work the entire abdominal and core region.

Are recumbent bikes good for weight loss?

There are many recumbent bike exercises for weight loss and these exercises often specifically focus on calorie burn. 

If weight loss is your main goal, you might want to look at a recumbent bike with built-in workout programs or ones that include arm handles and swivel seats in order to maximize your calorie burn.

Does a recumbent bike help sciatica?

Recumbent bikes make exercise accessible to those that struggle with sciatica because the lower back remains in a relaxed position during the workout and there is limited impact and tension on the joints. 

However, if you suffer from sciatica you might want to consider a recumbent bike with swivel seat, to allow you to get on and off the machine safely and comfortably.


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