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Will A Rowing Machine Make Arms Smaller?

Last Updated on October 28, 2021 by Jeff

will rowing machine make arms smallerFlabby, wobbly arms are an unfortunate reality for most people as they age, and can become a problem much sooner if you are overweight or out of shape. 

If you have ever wondered if a rowing machine makes arms smaller, this guide to using a rowing exercise machine for toning arms is for you. 

We look at the reasons for those wobbly arms, and how rowing helps to slim them down as well as sculpt and tone them. We also include some helpful bonus tips for toning your arms with rowing.

Our Guide To Using A Rowing Machine For Toning Arms

Nobody wants flabby, wobbly arms but it’s a common problem and is easily fixed through rowing. A rowing machine gives a full-body workout that shows results within a matter of weeks.

It gives a cardio workout that burns calories, helps you lose weight, and builds lean muscle mass. The back, arms, shoulders, and abdominals are just some of the muscles worked on a rowing machine.

Rowing To Slim Down Big Arms

The main cause of big, wobbly arms is excess subcutaneous fat deposits under the skin. Excess fat is caused by a surplus of calories that you don’t burn up through physical activity. 

This surplus of calories leads to weight gain. The cardio exercise and strength training provided by rowing will slim down your arms in a much shorter time than other exercises. 

Consume fewer calories and increase your activity through exercise, and the stored fat will be used for energy resulting in weight loss. 

How Quickly Arms Will Slim Down

When you lose weight it will disappear from all over your body, but arms tend to slim down more quickly than other areas.

If you want to make your arms smaller, building muscle is crucial. Burn the fat and replace it with lean muscle mass,  and you’ll have strong rowing machine shoulders and slimmer, well-toned arms. Well-defined muscles are more attractive than flab.

A 30 to 60-minute rowing workout targets all the muscles in your upper and lower body, while improving your general fitness.

Rowing To Tone And Sculpt Arms

If your arms have poor muscle tone, they’ll firm up quickly with rowing. Rowing classes at gyms are becoming popular, as people discover how effective rowing is for toning their upper body.

Rowing tones your entire body. Not only is a rowing machine good for abs, but the engagement of the muscles in your upper body will also strengthen and develop your arm muscles. This will impact their size and shape. 

How Often To Row To Slim Down And Tone Your Arms

can rowing machine tone armsWhen using a rowing machine to get in shape, most people find that their arms slim down quicker than the rest of their bodies.

Use your whole body in a workout, and not just the arms, to speed up your metabolism even more. This results in Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption, or the “afterburn effect”. 

This is when your body recovers after a workout, and it amps the rate at which calories are burned hours after your rowing session has ended.

Five 30-minute sessions a week will produce noticeably slimmer arms. Follow a healthy eating plan, and you’ll see results in a few weeks.

Useful Tips For Toning your Arms More Efficiently With Rowing

Get Your Own Rowing Machine 

Invest in your own home rowing machine. It’s the ideal piece of exercise equipment to lose weight, sculpt your muscles, and increase your cardiovascular health.  

If you don’t have the time to do cardio exercise as well as arm exercises, rowing can offer you both at the same time. 

Be Patient

It took time for your arms to get into the state they’re in, so don’t lose hope if you don’t see results in a few days.

Reducing fat everywhere will reveal the muscles hidden under that layer of fat, very soon. 

Increase The Intensity

Once more accustomed to rowing, doing interval training in which you alternate bursts of high-intensity rowing with periods of recovery, will shed those excess pounds that contribute to flabby arms in much less time than only doing steady-state rowing.  

Regular rowing in which you focus harder on pulling that handlebar, will build muscle tissues and help with tone and definition.

How to Use A Rowing Machine For Toning Arms FAQ

Won’t a rowing machine make my arms bigger?

If you’re worrying, “ Will a rowing machine make me bulky?”, remember that fat or flabby arms will always look bigger than toned, firm ones. While it’s true that using a rowing machine benefits bodybuilding, you will not be focusing on your arms to the extent that you become bulky. 

It’s not a good idea to target one particular muscle group significantly more than all the others, long term, as this would eventually look imbalanced. But if your arms need some serious attention, it’s okay to focus on them more for a few weeks.

Will my slow metabolism stop me from getting into shape?

Regular rowing will help you to build lean muscle mass. Building muscle increases your metabolism, as your body uses more energy to maintain muscle growth than to maintain fat. This spike in your metabolism burns fat faster.

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