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Best Winter Workouts

Last Updated on November 21, 2016 by Jeff


The summer gets the reputation as the best time for outdoor workouts, there are great exercises you can do outside in the wintertime.

Ice Skating

Pull out those skates and go for a spin! Even a leisurely skate can burn up to 250 calories an hour, so there’s no need for professional speed. Bring the whole family and make a fun day activity out of it. You could also join an ice hockey league with your office or local recreation center. You won’t even feel guilty about the hot chocolate you’ll drink after.


This is a popular wintertime activity for people around the country. Even those who don’t live anywhere near snowy mountains often take a trip to hit the slopes. You can get a great workout just doing some moderate downhill skiing. You could also take on a bigger endeavor with uphill cross-country skiing, which can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour.


If you’re sick of skiing or just want a break from the crowds, try snowboarding. Instead of facing forward on two skis, you ride a board down the mountain like a surfer. It requires a different type of balance and a lot of core and leg strength.

Snowball Fight

It’s not exactly a sport or workout, but a classic snowball fight can burn a few calories. Making snowballs, throwing them at your opponents, and building forts all take a lot of energy. Plus, you’ll be ducking and dodging incoming snowballs.

Shoveling Snow

It’s not exercise, and it’s not exactly fun, but shoveling show is actually torches calories and is a great upper body workout. It can burn up to 300 calories, and you’ll feel it in your arms, chest and shoulders the next day.

If you just can’t bear to face the cold, then winter is the perfect time to try some new indoor workouts.

Try a New Class

If you’ve been dying to get into that pilates-yoga fusion, SoulCycle or kickboxing class, now is the perfect time to try it. You won’t feel guilty about not being outside enjoying the weather, and you’ll still get a great workout. Plus, so many people let their exercise routines slip this time of year, so there may be open spaces in a normally packed class.

Do A Home Video

Home workout videos have come a long way. You don’t need to don your leotard and leg warmers anymore. If you’re snowed in or just have zero motivation to leave the house, give a workout video a shot. You can buy a DVD, or rent or download any number of videos. Try yoga, kickboxing, Zumba and more from the comfort of your home. You won’t even have to be nervous about looking silly in front of strangers. If you don’t want to commit to buying a video, YouTube has plenty of great ones you can follow along with.

Do a TV Workout

Make sitting in front of the TV a productive workout time. You can do different sets of exercises, like squats and push ups, during commercial breaks. You can even make watching your favorite shows into a workout game. Look up the drinking game to your favorite show, but instead of taking a drink when certain things happen, do a set of exercises instead!