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Is Crossfit Right For You?

Last Updated on November 28, 2016 by Jeff



Crossfit has been gaining popularity around the world for the last few years. It seems that new boxes, or Crossfit gyms, are opening on almost every corner. Crossfit Games have become events to watch, and winners are getting a lot more recognition as serious athletes.


So what is Crossfit? We’ve addressed it here before. Crossfit is a fitness program that is specially designed to improve fitness and health. It focuses on a variety of movements at a high intensity. Movements can reflect exercises used in gymnastics, running, rowing, weightlifting and more. Crossfit workouts change daily with the Workout of the Day (WOD) from the gym. The constantly shifting style of Crossfit means your body never gets bored and never gets too accustomed to one particular workout style, so you can get stronger and fitter faster.


Crossfit touches on every aspect of working out—cardio, endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination and balance. Anyone from a total novice to an elite athlete can benefit from doing Crossfit. Still, it’s a tough and intense workout that might not be quite right for you. Here are some things to consider to determine if Crossfit is right for you.


Workout Environment

Some people absolutely thrive in a group class environment. Having a teacher to guide them and lots of other people around them encourages them to do more and push themselves. That’s great! Others, however, prefer to work out alone. They’d rather go on a long solo run or swim laps for an hour than force themselves to get pumped to be in a room full of sweaty people. If you love group workouts, then Crossfit might be for you. It’s a collaborative atmosphere with everyone cheering each other on. Many people find their fellow Crossfitters become some of their closest friends. If not, it’s probably best to skip the box.


Your Competitiveness Levels

This goes along with the group vs. solo workout concept. If you’re highly competitive, then Crossfit could be a great way for you to push yourself further. You’ll see everyone else working out and their results, making you want to reach your goals, too. If you think fitness goals are personal and prefer to keep them to yourself, then a workout where achievements are highly publicized isn’t for you.


Your Goals

Crossfit won’t get you to be good at any one specific thing, unless what you’re looking to be good at is Crossfit. It is great for improving your overall fitness levels. Because it focuses on so many different aspects of fitness, it’s a great full-body workout. If you want to train for something specific, like a 5K race or triathlon, Crossfit may help improve your fitness, but it won’t help you reach those kinds of goals.


Importance of Credentials

There are lots of great Crossfit gyms and instructors out there, but like anything that rapidly gains popularity, there are some less than stellar ones, too. There aren’t really many credentials the owners of Crossfit gyms have to have. It’s fairly easy to get a personal training certificate online if you’re willing to pay for it. With such strenuous, high-powered exercises, it’s important to know what you’re doing. If you have a solid fitness background and know proper form and technique, you’ll be fine locating a quality gym. If not, be wary of people jumping on the bandwagon to make a quick buck.