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Outdoor Summer Workouts

Last Updated on September 15, 2016 by Jeff

Summer Workouts


There are only a few weeks left of summer, which means that the long, warm days of the season are numbered. While some workouts are best when it’s not so hot, others require some sun and warmth. Below are some exercise and workout ideas to help you make the most of your summer.


Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding, also referred to as SUP, involves standing on a wide, flat board (bigger than a surfboard) and propelling yourself with a canoe-like paddle. It works your arms, shoulders and core, since it requires balance to stay upright. Don’t worry about falling off. That’s part of the fun! Some places even offer SUP yoga classes, doing a sequence of poses in the water on a paddleboard. It’s more difficult than doing yoga on land, and you will get wet, but you’ll have a lot of fun, too!


Riding Bikes

Riding a bike with the cold winter wind in your face is no fun. Enjoy your bike during the warm summer months. You can take your bike on a long, strenuous ride, or just cruise through the park or along the beach or boardwalk. When the weather is good, riding a bike can be a great way to commute or get around town and get exercise at the same time.



Sure, you can swim in an indoor pool any day of the year, but why not take advantage of the sunshine and warmth while you can? Head to an outdoor lap pool for a low-impact cardio workout that also tones your entire body. For a serious challenge, take your swimming to the ocean. The water’s natural movement and currents will add an extra layer of difficulty.


Team Sports

The summer is a great time to join a recreational sports team. It stays light late into the evening, so there’s lots of time after work for practice and games. There are lots of different sports to choose from, including basketball, softball, kickball and flag football. Check your local recreation center or ask human resources if your company has a team. You could end up having so much fun, you don’t even realize you’re working out!



Rowing, sailing, canoeing or kayaking are all great, low-impact ways to get in shape while hitting the water. Sailing is a total body workout, since you have to steer and control the boat without an engine. Canoeing and kayaking will give you a great workout for your arms, chest, shoulders and back. Rowing, in addition to working your upper body, is also a killer exercise for your legs and core.



While you’ll still want to head to the mountains to hit the slopes in the winter, give your favorite ski spot a chance in the summer. The warm weather is perfect for hiking, and you’ll get to see plants and wildlife you wouldn’t see with a blanket of snow on the ground. If you’re feeling really adventurous, turn your hike into a full-on camping trip.