The Yoga W.A.V.E Fundraiser in Laguna Beach

The Yoga WAVEIf you love the idea of strengthening your local communities and happen to be in Southern California in April, check out this great charity fundraising event in Laguna Beach.  On April 18th from 4PM-9PM at the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, The Yoga WAVE is putting on this get together to raise money for their community outreach efforts.  Funds raised from the event will go to efforts to help support The Yoga W.A.V.E. to bring yoga into local schools bettering the wellness of our youth.

The Yoga W.A.V.E. (which stands for Wellness, Awareness, Vitality, and Education), is dedicated to helping people in local communities become healthier through introducing yoga to different groups, especially the elderly and elementary school level kids.  Yoga can help kids of all ages build awareness and mental tools that can help them throughout their lives.

There will be healthy snacks, yoga demonstrations, informative talks, and a silent auction. For more information you can contact Lauren at, or check out their website at and their Facebook page here.



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