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Yukon Home Gym

Last Updated on November 19, 2021 by Jeff

Thinking of investing in a Yukon Home Gym Fitness machine for your at-home gym? The Yukon brand of home gym machines has been on the market for many years and has a proven track record in the fitness world.

We reviewed 2 popular Yukon fitness models, the Caribou III Smith Machine and the Wolverine Home Gym Set, to help you choose the right one for your particular home gym and fitness needs.

Yukon Wolverine Multi-Station Home Gym (Our Review) 

Yukon Home Gym

Overall Assessment

Dimensions: 82” x 77” x 86”

Product weight: 610 lbs ( which includes the 200 lbs weight stack)

Warranty: Lifetime

The Yukon Wolverine Multi-Station Gym is a weight stack system with 200lbs of resistance. It can be used by up to four people simultaneously. This model is for home use only.

This gym includes a long lat bar, short straight bar, an ab crunch harness, a single cable handle,  a 200 lbs stack with a keeper for the pin, and a sealed bearing with a grease nipple for the squat station.

A leg hold down for lats, removable squat pads, and removable seat for accessing the squat station are other convenient features of this total-body gym.

This multi-station home gym is built to last and is also incredibly versatile. It is designed to support a maximum user weight of 275lbs, not as high as many other home gyms; for example, the Freemotion Fitness Dual Station Home Gym which can support up to 400 lbs.

At least 27 different exercises can be done at this home gym. But its size and price will not suit you if you have limited space or finances.


  • All-in-one gym for your home
  • Excellent warranty (lifetime)


  • Large and heavy, not great if you have limited space
  • Not suitable for users on a tight budget

Detailed Analysis 

Convenient Features

The pulley and press handle swivel and the squat bar has removable squat pads and 4 height options, to suit the height needs of multiple users. Up to 4 people can use this multi-station home gym at once.

There is the convenience of a removable seat for using the squat station. You can also adjust the seat for bench presses. A large footplate is included for performing low rowing and standing calf raises. The low row pulley swivels for your convenience.


This monster is bigger, bulkier, and heavier than the Caribou III. If you have the space for it, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a total gym-in-one. But if you have limited space for a gym at home, this machine is not for you. 


The 200 lbs weight stack is equipped with a keeper for its pin. This multi-station gym also has safety handles and an oversized footplate, to give you more security during your training sessions.


All pads are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, and upholstered with moisture-resistant marine-grade vinyl. Corners and seams are box-stitched. 

Seats, press bars, and handles are all fully adjustable for the convenience of any user.


The Wolverine is constructed of heavy-duty 12-gauge steel tubing, powder-coated for a scratch and chip-resistant finish. Like the Multisports Home Gym, it has nylon coated 2,000 lb. tensile strength aircraft cables and pulleys with sealed ball bearings. 

Pivot points have metal oilite bushings to ensure a more fluid motion. The squat station’s press bar pivots on industrial sealed ball bearings. 

Yukon is so certain of the quality and durability of this product that it is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Yukon Fitness Caribou III Smith Machine CII-140 (Our Review) 

yukon home gyms

Overall Assessment 

Dimensions: 48” x 68” x 85”

Total Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

Product Weight: 455 lbs

The Yukon Fitness Caribou III Smith Machine (model CII-140) is a total-body gym apparatus, that includes a flat/incline/decline weight bench, dual lat station with footplate & leg developer for curls/extensions, squat rack, cable system, pull-up bar, and Smith bar. 

The Caribou III features self-oiling bushings, a chin-up bar, and an integrated dip station mount. Includes a pulldown station, and a low-growing station for broadening your back. Olympic adapters for the Smith bar are also included. 

The standard Caribou III contains everything you need for a good workout at home, but you can purchase an upgraded package to get a pec deck, dip station, preacher curl, and cable crossover that integrates into the main unit, for a complete gym experience. 

Weight plates are not included with the unit., so you will need to supply your own. This model is compatible with both 1″ and 2″ discs. Several comfort and safety features are included with this home gym. 

The 14-gauge steel frame is available in your choice of white or black. Assembling this model takes 2-3 hours. 

The Yukon range of home gyms is priced similarly to the range of Bioforce Home Gyms.


  • Total-body workout
  • Compact, great for smaller homes
  • Safety stoppers on Smith bar
  • Well-padded and adjustable bench-seat and backrest
  • Optional extras are available that integrate into the main unit


  • Features that are standard on many home gyms need to be purchased separately

Detailed Analysis 

Convenient Features

The Smith bar accepts standard plates, but if you use the provided Olympic adapter, you can also use 2″ weight discs. The barbell’s heavy-duty knurling allows for a more secure grip on every rep. 

The squat rack’s J-hooks can be repositioned in seconds without removing them from the rack. Simply pull a small pin, move the bar holder along the uprights, and release the pin to slot the J-hooks into place.

The low pulley includes a footplate for doing seated rows. Yukon has included an 18″ short bar plus a 47″ long bar so that you can perform upright rows, bicep curls, and overhead tricep extensions with the pulley system.


This model combines the benefits you’d get using a free-weight gym, with a Smith machine. It is a much more affordable and versatile Smith Machine option than the Pro Smith Cage Home Gym Training System, an Impex Marcy home gym machine.

The Caribou III would be suitable if you don’t have a lot of space for a gym at home but still want a full-body workout. It’s almost as compact as the Stamina Power Tower Home Gym, although it weighs much more because it offers so much more.


You’ll train in safety with this apparatus. The Caribou III Smith Machine is one of the safest self-spotting at-home gyms available. You’ll enjoy the feeling of using free weights, but with the safety of a Smith machine, all in one compact piece of equipment. 

The Caribou III features metal lockouts and the Smith machine has adjustable safety stoppers and springs on the safety catch, so you can work out without fear of being injured if you should fail on a rep.


The workout bench measures 48″  x 22″  x 21″  and can support a weight of up to 500lbs. It has a durable frame, and the backrest and seat are comfortably padded with 2″ thick foam. Both the seat and backrest are adjustable, as well, for your comfort while working out.


The dip-station is constructed from 12-gauge steel, but the main frame of the Caribou III is constructed from slightly less robust 14-gauge steel. Though slightly less durable, this does make it more lightweight.

The pull-up bar is fairly low down, so it might not be very practical or comfortable for users who are more than 6’ tall.


Either one of these 2 Yukon Fitness home gyms will be an asset to your gym at home. Both models are well constructed, although the Wolverine’s 12-gauge steel frame may be more robust than the Caribou. But if space is an issue for you, go for the Caribou III.

Yukon Home Gym FAQs

Will the Yukon Home Gym damage my flooring?

No matter which brand of home gym you use at home, it’s a good idea to have non-slip flooring underneath. 

Padded flooring that protects your floors and has sound-proofing properties, can be purchased from fitness equipment stores. 

Do I really need the items in the upgrade package for the Caribou III?

You can get an effective workout without these optional extras. They do give you a more complete total-gym workout though. In the case of many home gyms, these attachments are included with the standard model.

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